happily ever after: Hello Monday

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello early morning walk around the neighborhood.

Hello squinty eyes and my Big Bear hat, cuz I knew my parents were camping there this weekend.

Hello frigid temperatures at night and changing trees.

Hello breakfast of walnut oatmeal and fixing computers.

Hello bad dog that drank my coffee when I went into the other room. (this is my fresh cup, see how he's eyeing it. bad dog.)

Hello gettin' my craft on and decorating my bible study journal.

Hello exhaustion from a busy football weekend.

Hello boy that makes his own lunch and eats it like a man.

Hello family night ride to Goodberrys for some custard. Can you say Pumpkin Pecan Concrete!?

Hello extension ladder in my living room. Sweetie is fixing the drywall from our roof leak.

Hello to finally putting my feet up after a long day, with NO NAP!

A great start to a great week.