happily ever after: One Tough Mudder

Saturday, October 27, 2012

One Tough Mudder

Sweetie did the Tough Mudder today. You can google it, if you want, but basically it's a 13 mile run with muddy, crazy obstacles during the run. The electrical wires and ice pool were the worst of it, overall he did great and had a total blast. I'm so proud of him.

Telling Dave & Greyson all about it. They can't wait till they are 18.

Telling Calvin all about it. I like how his leg is in the air.

After sending Sweetie off early this morning, I got to enjoy the quiet house to do my Bible Study.

Me and the boys driving to football, the trees are getting gorgeous.

The boys have to be at the game an hour before it starts, so I dropped them off and got myself a London Fog latte. (think vanilla & lavender tea, that tastes like calmness & warmth, yum.)

Then I thought I'd bless my boy with getting his truck washed.

And filling his tank up with gas. This is going to be huge for him.

Schnoogie Buns. It was his last game of the season today. Good and bad. He ended up on a kinda bad team this year, they don't get to advance to the playoffs next weekend. He's glad the season is over, but only because it was not as much fun for him. But he's still darn cute in his uniform, and pretty darn good at running that ball.