happily ever after: Tour of The Office and a Little of the Boys

Friday, July 31, 2009

Tour of The Office and a Little of the Boys

Today I'll show you my office. It's nothing too big and exciting. Since we own our own business and we run it from our home, we needed a dedicated space for office-ing. This room is perfect.

My desk. Isn't it cute? I've had to do a lot of changing here lately, I've taken back over doing all the books. Can't be quite as cutesy anymore.

My Mom-in-Law got me this little sign years ago, but it has hung over my desk ever since we took over this business, it reminds me everyday that it's not me it's HIM that is in control.

This is my 'Special Things' shelf. A favorite picture of my guys in front of the White House. My little 'Chewy' figurine from the boys. A sweet little red bird from my Mama. A cute vase from my sister that I use as a reed diffuser. A small wreath. A cross from some friends that are missionaries in Mexico. A friendship ornament from Sara. And the little school bus, we won't go there. Let's just say it's a private joke in my family, and my Mama thought it'd be cute to put it in my stocking last year. She's very thoughtful, that one.

I'd show you Jay's side but it's just the same desk only it's completely covered by papers. I'd straighten it for you, but then it would totally mess up his system. After 18 years of marriage I know one way I can love him is to leave his desk alone.


Thing One & Thing Two at lunch today. Precious.


Oh, so handsome.