happily ever after: Happy 4th of July

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Good news, the price to repair my camera was the same as buying a new, next model up one. So I bought a new camera. It's hot pink. I'm thinking that might keep the boys from playing with it. One can only hope.

We started our celebration by going to see our town's fireworks. We were told by some very close friends (we won't mention any names, but it might have been the Havens) that you can see them great if you park in the Kohl's parking lot. Well, they are now fired from being our activities directors. We saw like three sparks over the tops of the trees, very sad for all the little children that were also waiting in the parking lot. And our friends, yeah, they didn't go there, they drove an hour to the 'nice' fireworks display. We are no longer talking to them. (Just kidding, we still love 'em to pieces).

The next day we met our dear friends, the Havens and went to our town's little parade. Such a fun time and we've made it our tradition (since it's the second time we've done it).

Turns out that the only patriotic clothes that Sweetie and Dave have are their Angels tshirts. But aren't they cute?

We took Winston this year, he did a great job. And hey, check out what Calvin is wearing. Yep, that would be your Army jacket, Uncle Jim. Just like what my Dad would have worn too. My Dad and Uncle Jim were both in Vietnam. (a few years ago my Uncle Jim sent a bunch of old dress up stuff that his boys used to love to play with, Calvin thought it'd be fun to wear it to the parade, it was a big hit.)

A picture of all the kids at the seminary. Half way through we met up with Michael & Stephanie and their girls. I didn't get a picture of their family, because I'm a loser and didn't think of it, so here's one taken back in February. Your welcome.

The parade finishes at the community house with some arts and crafts for the littler ones then we go to Subway for lunch.

That night we went back over to the Haven's house and had a yummy dinner and let off some fireworks in their driveway, tried to get pictures, but apparently my new camera ain't all that and I think I need to read the instruction manual. Lovely.

Their front porch was all decorated and looked gorgeous as usual.

It was a special and fun day. We are very thankful for such precious friends to share the day with.