happily ever after: What We've Been Up To Lately in Reverse

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What We've Been Up To Lately in Reverse

TUESDAY: Dave went to work with Dad today, so me and the Calv got to hang out. He's a great kid and I love just hanging with him. He's also pretty funny. We took a bunch of last year's curriculum to the Homeschool Store to sell it on consignment. I might make $150 off of it. Not bad. Sweetie tried to tell me that he made Dave climb into an attic today. It was 130 degrees. He got in trouble for that one. But he got into EVEN MORE trouble for not taking a picture of the Davester with his tool belt on. What a cutie-patootie.

MONDAY: Had big plans that day, but got none of them done. Was woken up by a VERY obnoxious friend wanting to go on a walk. It was already 84 degrees outside plus humidity, she'd had her coffee and inhaler so she was all perky and a nuisance. I made her walk up all my hills. Then the boys and I spent the day trying to organize and make sense out of our new curriculum. I LOVE this time of year, it's an organizers' heaven! Sweetie and I went on a date to The Walmart, we really know how to party.

SUNDAY: Calvin and I both got up at the same time but he took longer to get ready than I did, we teased him for it all the way to church. It takes us 15 minutes to get to church. He feels well loved. Went to church and cried through most of it, God is doing some work in me and breaking down some walls. We went to lunch with a bunch of people from church to the Mellow Mushroom, OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS SOME SERIOUSLY GOOD FOOD!!! Laughing and getting to know some new ladies. I went to a baby shower and got to hold a sweet 6 week old preciousness THE WHOLE TIME. I was a total baby hog, and didn't even care. She was the sweetest little thing. The guys went bowling while I was gone. Sweetie and I went on a long drive, in the pouring down rain, eating our Chicken Biscuits and looking at neighborhoods, we discovered some new ones.

SATURDAY: Woke up to little boys upstairs laughing. Made pancakes, real ones with nothing healthy in them, except that they were completely from scratch. They were yummers. Had to make 4 batches to feed all the boys at my house. Made the mostest yummiest layered mexican dip for a wedding reception. Went to our first wedding since moving here. It was a milestone for me, don't know why. Helped out in the kitchen during the reception and had a lot of fun with the ladies. Got mad at Sweetie while I was there. Sweetie doesn't want me to go to anymore weddings, seems I get a little sensitive at them. Went home and stayed in a stupor of bitterness for the rest of the evening. Finally went to bed and let the rest of the family have some relief from my lovely 'tude.

FRIDAY: Ran lots of errands. Don't even remember what all we did that day. Boys had their last night at Power Camp, Sweetie and I went and watched the closing ceremonies. Davester was on the big video screen doing some gangster hand motions, nothing dirty (of course), I'm a little scared. Stole Theresa's kids and her minivan. Had a run-in with the Domino's Pizza people AGAIN! Had two extra boys sleepin' upstairs for the night, was VERY thankful for my hot pink ear plugs.

Whew! Lots of activity, lots of lovin', lots of friends, one bad attitude and a whole lotta laughter.