happily ever after: About Yesterday's Video

Friday, July 24, 2009

About Yesterday's Video

What is it about a man passionately playing the piano that makes me swoon. Sweetie needs to learn the piano, seriously.

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a couple of college guys from a singing group here at the house. After dinner me and the boys were cleaning the kitchen and Kurt & Caleb went in and found the piano. They were playing and singing. I stopped right in the middle of the kitchen floor, with bowl in my hand, soap dripping from my wrist and my eyes welled up. The boys were just staring and laughing at me, I told them to shoosh, I was having a 'moment'. Afterwards, I told my boys that they were now OUT and these guys were moving in.

My poor boys, they needed extra hugs that night. And they need more piano lessons, for sure.