happily ever after: She Was Such a Good Camera

Friday, July 3, 2009

She Was Such a Good Camera

Sorry I haven't blogged lately. My little preciousnesses broke my camera and I don't know how to blog without there being lots of pictures. I was all ready to give you the next room in our tour of homes. The boys quarters, oh yeah, it was going to be that good. Plus, I was going to show you our sauna...that's right people we are THAT fancy and have our very own sauna. But nope, no pictures, so no blogging.

We're thinking the camera is finished. They broke it while I was in the shower, apparently they needed to be taking a video of themselves while they did their schoolwork and then because they are boys, they got into a 'play fight' and the camera lost. Thing One thought, what with him being all knowledgeable and stuff, he could fix the camera. And Thing Two thought those little springy things were a lot of fun to stretch as far as they could. Hence when I finally rescued said camera, she was sad and tweaked and all in pieces.

I'm taking her to the camera hospital today, but I'm thinking, what with today's health care, there really won't being any hope of saving her without having to sell something valuable. And even though Thing One and Thing Two are at fault I still can't bring myself to not totally love their preciousness, and the fact that Calvin thought that he could buy me a new camera with the $7 in his wallet. Yep, he needs more consumer math. But isn't he sweet?

So, I'll keep you updated as to the status of said camera, but really, so far, it's not looking too good.