happily ever after: Tour of the Boys Quarters

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tour of the Boys Quarters

The great thing about this house is that the whole upstairs is for the boys. Two rooms and a bathroom. Perfect. All they need is a fridge and they tell me I'd never see them. Lovely.

Let's go up...

aren't they cute?

The place where all the famiy photos go. It's like our little shrine to our family. Sometimes we light candles.

The Davester's room. He's all about sports. He told me where he wanted his furniture and what stuff he wanted up, I helped get it arranged so it looks sorta nice. Isn't he cute?

Dave at his desk. We found this desk and hutch at the used furniture store here, such a treasure for a little guy. That's his futon behind him, for when his buds come to stay over.

Dave's reading corner, though he never sits in that chair to read, he thinks it looks like he could. How cute is he?

Sometimes Winston likes to come up and see what kind of scraps the boys have left for him, and he might get a snuggle on the bed.

Their bathroom, AFTER I cleaned it. Your welcome.

Where they SOMETIMES hang their towels. But it gets better...wait for it.

oh where to start. First the obvious. The towel hook. As you can see by the lovely white circle in the blue paint, we USED to have a towel bar hanging here. But Dave the Monkey thought it would be fun to try pull-ups on it, so it no longer resides here. I sent Sweetie to Home Depot to get new towel hooks to mount right over the ugly white spots...he came back with these, lovely orange things. But then he had Dave demonstrate for me....Dave can hang off these things and they stay in the wall...very helpful. Second, the name tags. Yes, I have a germophobe in my house, I won't tell you who, but it might be Calvin. He had scotch taped signs over each towel...I thought it was a good time to break out the label maker. Much better.

Big C in his room. So handsome.

We helped some friends move and Calvin weezled this stereo out of them. That boy has some serious weezle skills. I'm sure Sara remembers having to frisk him everytime he left her house, for any 'lost toys' that might have found their way into his pockets. He was three at the time. And four. And five. You get the picture.

Calvin at his desk. My sweet grandpa made this desk. It was always in their house. I remember sitting and playing at this desk when I was little. When Grandma passed away, I got the desk. It's precious. The sound the drawers make when they get pulled out, wood scraping wood. I never want that fixed, it will always remind me of my Grandpa. Calvin loved his Great Grandpa and has a sweet respect for this desk, he's very good to it.

Calvin's lego table. This boy has some SERIOUS lego abilities, and I'm not allowed to move a single piece. Once I tried to dust it, not a pretty day, let me tell you. It's beautiful isn't it? Somewhere in there is a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. That's my favorite part.

Calvin's bed, with his hats on the headboard, kitty getting settled for his daily nap, and this...

Yep, that would be John Wayne and Jesus. Not quite sure what to think of this. But he bought himself that Jesus plaque when he was like 5 at a garage sale. Isn't that cute??? And he loves himself some John Wayne movies.

This is maybe my favorite part of his room. He sleeps with a Bible under his pillow every night. Really. When I change the sheets I have to put it right back. He's been doing it for like a year or more. He got some sweet advice from my friend Theresa, it has something to do with 'holding every thought captive'. Precious and priceless.

Those are the boys quarters. Hope you enjoyed the tour. Next up, the sauna and office. Oh, the excitement.