happily ever after: Hairy Pictures

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hairy Pictures

I don't know who really won. Consider all yourselves winners or weiners, which ever best fits you. I'll let you decide.

This is what I look like now. Of course it looked cuter when Kathleen got done with it, but then I sat poolside for 3 hours in the melting southern heat. I wanted my picure taken with Jay but Dave could not take a 'non-blurry' photo to save his life, perhaps he did one too many belly flops in the pool tonight. So Sweetie took this picture of Dave and me. Calvin was very busy upstairs trying to fake like he was sleeping.

I'm really happy with the hair and had fun getting all the feedback. Thanks for taking the time.

This is what we're doing this week. I got all the pictures that have been just thrown in boxes for the last 13 years and we sorted them all by year yesterday.

Then today, while I cleaned house the boys sat at tables in their rooms and put together scrap/photo books for us. They would grab a box and a new album and put it together. Then they'd bring them to me to check it and then I'd pay them. Quite the summer job for a couple of rap-scallions. The trick is to not be TOO picky about what order the pictures are in.

I took this picture yesterday morning, Jay was reading the jokes to us from the Reader's Digest magazine. But I just loved it that Dave was wearing his quilters as a cape, don't tell any of his friends I told you, he'd be mad at me.

I realize that I haven't gotten any good pictures of Calvin lately. Well that's because he's been constantly gone to some sort of camp or he's sleeping. But just so you know, he had a totally radilicioius time at youth camp last week. A total mountain top experience, and those that have been to church youth camp know what I'm talking about. He's thankful to be home, sleeping in his own bed, picking on his brother, eating my food, snuggling with his cat, laying on the couch and not having to do any school. It's good to have the big lug back home, I didn't like how much he was gone this summer, didnt' like it at all.