happily ever after: This Week In Pictures

Friday, August 7, 2009

This Week In Pictures

Sorry I've been away this week. Been a little busy, it's our last week before starting school and we've been enjoying ourselves.

Saturday coffee on the deck. Sweetie woke me up early and wanted to have coffee out on the deck. Then we got interrupted by this cute little guy. How could we resist?

Calvin's been working really hard at his football practices. He had a 3 hour long practice on Saturday, was hot and tired when he got home. Tall glass of sweet tea, fresh melon, yummy sandwich, goldfish crackers and the comics...he was a happy, happy boy.

Some friends took us to a Durham Bulls game, we hadn't been yet, such fun. This is Dave watchin' the game.

Someone please tell Calvin he's looking the wrong way.

Me and my guys, on our way to a friends house.

Even when Calvin is gone, the cat will find a soft place to rest. Sweet little Dave belly, though a little sunburned, he's a sweet spot.

Hope y'all had a good week.