happily ever after: The Latest & Some Thankfulness

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Latest & Some Thankfulness

We were really busy last week, but had a good week. Jay has been working really long hours trying to drum up some more work for both companies. Calvin was away at youth camp. Dave had runner's camp every morning. And he and I were trying to do a bunch of service type projects.

We were blessed to have a sweet couple of college guys stay with us this weekend. Their music group from college was visiting our church this weekend. They were amazing and wonderful and it was such a blessing to have them in our home. If you ever get a chance to hear them, go forth and enjoy. Heartsong from Cedarville University.

I made a perfect blueberry pie, though my Daddy still didn't come to town to enjoy it. It was delicious and the crust was perfect. (that hardly ever happens anymore with my pies.)

The boys finally got to have a fun play date with their buds Grant & Brian yesterday and I made them 'breakfast' for dinner. Theresa stayed long and chatted with me and it made for a great ending to our weekend.

Today was doctor appointment day and made Sweetie and I feel completely old. But the good news is we will live to see another day! It was the boys first 'official' summer break day and they loved it.

Our Thankful List For Today:

1. The extra sleep we all got last night.

2. The chatter I had in the waiting room today, it's one of the things I love most about living here, doesn't matter where I am, if you're waiting with some other people, you're all talking and sharing your lives.

3. The Keurig coffee I had this morning in the waiting room, that stuff is straight from heaven above. Delish!

4. The huge rain storm we got today, I LOVE summer storms.

5. That we all got to hang out and be together today as a family.

6. David actually asked if he could make dinner tonight. He's a total keeper.

7. The Cedarville University Heartsong Live CD that I bought at church yesterday, blasting in my car, loved the worship time.

8. The video store had 'Madea Goes To Jail' DVD in, I can't wait to watch that movie, love me some Tyler Perry.

9. I'm getting my haircut this week and I'm so excited. Wait for it, tomorrow I'll be giving you choices to vote on. I want something different, so brace yourself.

10. Looking forward to a fun and relaxing week.

Hope y'all are feeling thankful and had yourselves a good weekend.