happily ever after: We Have An Announcement!

Monday, January 18, 2010

We Have An Announcement!

No, I'm not pregnant. (Watch my mom stop reading right here)

But we did get a new member of our family. Ever since losing my puppy Daisy last spring, I've felt such a void in my life. I still needed something precious and soft and snuggly and mine. I wanted a new pet. A doggie that would be mine and adorable and sweet.

Right about now, my sister has stopped reading. Apparently my past experiences with pets have proved to make me unfit to be a caregiver. Whatever. I'm an adult and can get a pet if I want to...I dare you to call PETA.

Say hello to...D.O.G.

Isn't she cute???

I know, she's precious. Look how soft she is.

See how well she sits...and stays. She's so well behaved.

She already sleeps through the night and is completely house broken. She is the perfect puppy.

You see, my Grandparents had a similar dog in their house. Grandma loved stuffed animals, soft, squishy ones. And this one was precious to her, she named it D.O.G. After my grandparents passed away I think D.O.G. went to live with my Uncle & Aunt...in Washington...I think.

So this is my D.O.G. I fell in love with her around Christmastime when I was shopping and knew that she needed just the right home. The other day when Sweetie and I were in the pet isle at Super-Target, there she was again, just staring at me with her puppy-dog eyes, sure she was on the shelf with her brothers and sisters and cousins, but it was her eyes that got me. Then her sweet paws and cuddly fur. Precious.

Our family is now complete.