happily ever after: Happy New Year and a Tour

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and a Tour

The boys helped me take Christmas down on Wednesday. I love taking Christmas down and cleaning the house, everything just feels so much cleaner and simplistic and easy and fresh and ahhhhhhh!

I love this house, I love the style of it, I love, LOVE the light, so much light.

A wall in the kitchen, yes, the flowered wallpaper, I know. But it's kinda grown on us and now I find it endearing.

Our old TV cabinet that WAS an armoire, but Theresa came up with this GENIUS idea to use it here as a snack cabinet, perfect. Snacks, baggies, wraps. Tea drawer. Vitamin and health food drawer. Genius, Theresa, genius! The lower part of the walls in the kitchen used to be blue, I wasn't rockin' on the blue thing, so we got it painted to match the rest of the house. Better.

This is the downstairs bath, the 1/2 bath. I still don't really like the look of it, but I'm gonna have to just deal with it for awhile. It used to be covered floor to ceiling with THIS....

oh yeah, lovely. A friend of mine said it reminded her of something she smoked in high school. hahahahahah! Jay thought it looked like Christmas wrapping paper. Winston would've rather slept in the cold garage than in this warm room, we think it was the wallpaper, kinda freaked him out, he'd whine and cry until we'd let him out, poor little guy. But, then again, he's always kinda been a bit of a princess.

This is our 'fancy' dining room. I love this room. Probably cuz I've always wanted a 'fancy' dining room, but maybe more cuz my parents did this room. Mama helped me decorate and Daddy hung stuff for us. It reminds me of them everytime I'm in here. That was a fun day, thanks Mama & Daddy, I love you.

My Grandmother's china hutch. Precious.

My shelf. My parents gave me that shelf A LONG TIME AGO. It was first stained dark green, with fancy tea cups on it. Then when I realized I had boys in the house, it got painted this color and used for more sturdy things. Boys + Fancy Tea Cups = Uptight Mommy

The front door, my sister put that table there and it's stayed. Just love how it looks.

The fireplace that kicks butt, that we SO enjoy cuz we can finally watch TV and look at the fire at the same time. So cozy.

My favortie chair and ottoman, I know, I'm such a girlie girl.

The best place to lay down and watch a movie. Sweetie and I fight over the corner spot.

This is our favorite room, the sun room. OH. MY. GOODNESS.

Waking up before the rest of the family. Sitting in my pink chair. Drinking my tea. Reading and praying. Eventually, Sweetie joins me here with his coffee, we play footsies over the ottoman while chatting about what the day might hold. Then Dave will come down and snuggle. Finally Calvin stumbles in, tries to lay across them and go back to sleep. Preciousness.

This is my Just Keepin' in Real pic. Sweetie found a new noise this week. I'm thinking by the face you can tell what it is. Having two Jr. High boys in the house, my husband has digressed. Good times.

Happy New Year everyone, may you have a Happy, Loving, Healthy, Growing, Fabulouso NEW YEAR!!!!! Much love to you.