happily ever after: Procrastination

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


People say I'm organized. And Sweetie just laughs. Probably because he knows me best. He knows what lurks in my closets and in my drawers and well, he sees this...

This would be my filing basket. I think I've neglected it for four months. It's become so overwhelming that I just keep putting it off. Can anyone relate?

But today, I could no longer deny it's presence. My accountant called and needed last quarters stuff, well, it's buried somewhere in there. I promised that I'd drop it off tomorrow...so now there is no turning back.

First I sorted it into manageable piles.

Then I sorted it into drawer piles.

All this, needs to go in here. Ugh.

The sad part is in another week, I'll start boxing up all of last years stuff and closing out the year. All this work, just to put it back into a box. It doesn't seem right, it doesn't seem fair.

Piles, I'm a fan of the pile. But I'm also a fan of getting them taken care of. Who knows what could be lurking in those piles. Like today, I found .32 cents, a very hard milk dud, and proof that we spend WAY too much time at the doctors. (and no, I did NOT eat the milk dud)

It's bedtime now, my filing is done, the basket is empty, my drawers are organized, my back is killing me, but I feel lighter. As if I just lost 10 pounds. And I did, 10 pounds of baggage piled up in the corner, weighing me down every time I walked past it.

So I hope you find your pile and take care of it. You'll be every so thankful.