happily ever after: Scanning and Crying

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scanning and Crying

look at that face, this was him taking his first steps. what a smile.

you know i had to post this, i mean, come on, love them buns.

yep, caught him red handed...he's was always the cookie bandit and still is.

ridin' the ferry across the San Diego bay to Coronado Island, one of our favorite things to do.

mama holdin' her boy, little davey was growin' in my tummy there.

that smile again, what a face! that was/is his red blankie, it is now nothing but one little red knot, but he's still got it!

sweetie was great at reading to the boys, love those zip up sleepers, he won't wear them anymore, don't understand why.

helpin' dad build the fireplace, the overalls, the boots, the plaid work shirt, the comb-over. ah, be still my heart.

he was a lover of the pooh bear. that precious face.

that's all i could handle tonight, i'm sure now that i've mastered the scan machine, there will be more photos from the past to come. this was just some from a little misc. album i could find in the dark attic...wait till i find the baby books, the wedding album, oh my, try to contain the excitement.