happily ever after: Happy Birthday, Baby!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby!

My Birthday Baby.

So 12 years ago tonight, I was in the labor room trying to have a baby. Sweetie was hungry and went and got Kentucky Fried Chicken for him, my mama, his mama & his sister. I got ice chips, they were so yummy.

I think we watched Friends. And maybe some game show. Why don't I remember what was on television???

The anesthesiologist came in and gave me the wonder drug in my back and I fell in love with him. I told him not to go far, just in case I needed some more.

I think I slept, I don't really remember. Sweetie rubbed my back, Mama rubbed my feet, Mom-in-Law read a book, and Sister-in-Law video taped me, something that I will regret later as they used it to tease me...whatever!

At some point, a heart beat went too low or couldn't be found or something, all I know is I was flipped over to all fours, gave the women a show they'll never forget and everyone was rushing around. Ugh, such drama.

At about 5:30 the next morning I got to start pushing, this was HUGE! The sun was coming through the blinds and I got to push. This is when the 'sweet' nurse was telling me that I was doing fine...then my 'not so sweet' Sister-in-Law told me I was NOT doing a good job, told me to grab my knees and push like 'you know what'. Well it worked and out popped a Dave. Nice.

Next thing I know, he's blue, not breathing, the cord isn't cut all the way, grab baby & go, deal with me and then realize baby still not breathing. Sister-in-Law yelled at nurses to look at Dave and all mayhem broke out again. Of course, I'm delirious at this point and Sweetie is trying to soothe me all the while, not knowing what is going on with his son. Once all was done and fine I had baby and Sweetie had to go out to the hall to fall apart. The poor guy was my rock during the whole night, but once he saw that all was going to be fine he fell apart. Love that man.

Dave was 9 pounds, the big chunkster. Tried to bring some of my insides with him when he came out. Sweet boy. He had lots of hair (a bit scary) and big bright eyes.

And this is where I would have a picture of him while we were in the hospital. He was precious, still is. Take my word for it, he was a looker, still is.

There aren't any photos because it's after 9pm now and it's cold in the attic where the photos are and I'm on the couch and don't wanna scan photos right now. But just wait for it, tomorrow will be a real winner of a post, but be warned there may be some buns...just maybe.

All bundled and ready for our day of birthday fun...

Birthday boys' mama, he's one blessed boy.

Dave & Bryan, excited about what Calvin got his brother. They are such buds. Mr. Johnny pants couldn't come, what with the whole maybe bein' snowed in for the weekend thing.

This is my baby, he's weird, I think I'll keep him.