happily ever after: A Snow Day

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Snow Day

We interrupt the prevously scheduled programming of Baby Dave Pictures to bring you shots of our fun times with the snow.

The birthday boy got snow for his birthday. I'm thinking it was a great present, and it was free. Here he is playing out front with the neighbor boys.

My Sweetie looks good in the snow, he was recording the fun for posterity.

Sweetie tried to get the four-wheeler out and take it for a ride, it stalled in the street right in front of the house, here's he and Calvin trying to get it started. Such men I have.

Calvin taking all the kiddos on four-wheeler rides. Great fun in the snow & sleet.

Sweetie rode it to work to get some work done, he called me when he got there and told me how beautiful it was. Dan came and got the kids to take them sledding and dropped me off at the office so Sweetie and I could have a 'romantic' four wheeler ride home. Yeah, not so romantic, seriously thought I was going to die. Longest 15 minutes of my life. Sleet in the face, freezing temperatures in the face, not so much romantic.

Even the froggies were chilly. This was a few hours later, after some snow had melted...when we first woke up you could only see their eyeballs. They are so cute.

This morning was simply gorgeous.

The back deck, anyone for a grillin'?

Our home looks pretty in the snow, oh so pretty.