happily ever after: Happy Birthday, My Boy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, My Boy!

Today my boy is 14.

Fourteen years ago, I was laying in a hospital, recovering from a c-section, delirious half out of my mind, and Sweetie was hogging the baby. He was absolutely handsome with his little hairdo, the nurses gave him a comb-over and I fell in love.

(I really need to learn how to scan pictures, because this is where I would insert my favorite picture, the first taken of Sweetie holding his son, precious.)

We started the day off today with letting him sleep in. By the time we cracked open his door his little eyes were already smiling. We (Sweetie, Dave & Me) started right in to our song and dance....never mind that I was sitting on top of him while singing and dancing (the poor guy).

He got moved to the couch with the remote. While I made the waffles and coffee he channel surfed till he found some good cartoons. The boy got coffee, waffles with berries, syrup & peanut butter (no, not all on one waffle; that would be three different waffles).

Oh, I almost forgot the lovely birthday crown that I made for him, and in trying to make it not look so much like a tiara, it instead looked more like something that he'd wear to ward off alien invasion or pick up on some sort of radio signal. He's blessed to be in this family.

We made him go to his writing class, well, because we're mean and because the boy needs to learn some writing skills.

After class & after stealing Dad from work, our first stop was the Barnes & Noble, the boy loves his bookstores, and we let him have his fill. I did my normal of picking a stack of books and plunkin' down in the kids department while the Dave looked around...Calvin later found me by my laughter...I was reading 'Skinny @#$%#', that book is SO WRONG, but hilarious. Sweetie did his normal thing of making phone calls & wandering around the store asking when we would leave. He's a funny guy. Calvin did his normal of finding 19 books and trying to decide which ones to get. We told him the book on Quantum Physics was maybe over shooting. He's a funny kid, er, I mean teenager.

Once we finally left the bookstore, he picked Panera Bread for some lunch. Yummo!

With our full bellies we walked down to Best Buy and let him wander around and pick out what he wanted as a present. He got a new camera and Dave got him his video game he was wanting. He's a happy-happy boy, er, I mean teenager.

He was finally tired so we headed home. A lazy evening of playing his new game, learning about his new camera and watching movies.

I made his favorite meal for dinner, steak, mushrooms & asparagus. Triple yummo! And right now, we're gettin' ready to head out to Goodberry's for some birthday frozen custard.

Now for some fun photos from this past week...

Sweetie and me out one afternoon for a little date, coffee and groceries at the Super Target. Good times. Love my Sweetie.

Dave was dancin' the other night, you'd be better off seeing the video, but again, I'm a little challenged in that area, so you get a picture. Dave has some mean dancin' moves. Did I ever tell you about him takin' over a wedding reception dance floor, he was 7.

Calvin had his best buds over last weekend, we took them out to dinner, let them stay up all night watching guy flicks and sleep-in in the morning. These are some great friends.

Dave being Dave and sittin' on his Mama.

My guys in the Barnes & Noble, Calvin's a little excited.

Happy Birthday, my son. You are so very precious to me and make me very proud of who God is making you to be. I love you.