happily ever after: Thankful in Pictures

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful in Pictures

1. Coffee in the morning, measure the beans out, grind, perk, concoct, sip, eyes roll back in head with the glee.

Oh, this isn't a picture of coffee, it's Sweetie, in his lovely morning outfit. He cracks me up. I looked even worse when I took this picture, but I'm not about to post a picture of myself on here. It's not near as much fun!

2. What God is taking me through right now, loving the wisdom that I'm gleaning from this book right now.

3. Super Dave at the kitchen table, reminds me of Grover (from Sesame Street), dressed up as Super Grover in some book I used to read the boys.

4. Rose scent. My favorite Grandmother used to use some sort of lotion called 'Rose Milk' in a tall pink bottle. I used to love that stuff, the smell, the feel of it, my grandmother's wrinkly hands. I've always loved the rose smell, so I picked this up not too long ago. Simply divine!

5. What I'm reading for fun these days. Those Farm Chicks, are too much fun. Go check out her website and blog.

6. Being part of the meal swap, too much fun meals, and easy nights of not having to prep anything. This was the braided pizza we got (while it was thawing), homemade dough. Oh yeah, baby, scrumptious.

7. Meyer's cleaning products. I love, LOVE this stuff. I use the geranium scent, because I used to have geraniums all over my yard in California, and because they remind me of my grandmother, and because it just smells really good. (can you tell, I'm all about the nose?)

8. This cat. Ever since I had to take her to the vet to get something fixed, she and I have bonded. Of course it doesn't hurt that she's NOT THE ONE that peed in the house, THAT CAT has been banished to the outside. BAD KITTY!

9. This boy, even though he's been single handily responsible for improving my prayer life lately, he's a treasure that I love immensely.

10. Poultry. This one is for Julie. After hangin' out at our house the other day so her husband could watch the football game, I think she was traumatized by all my roosters. She called them poultry. Crackin' me up.

hey look, a chicken in the kitchen...

hey, another one in the living room...

check it out, a chicken in the dining room...

Poultry, it's what's for dinner.