happily ever after: Ready For Some Football

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ready For Some Football

So it's football season again. Though it doesn't feel like it outside. I'm used to Calvin playing. I love it that Calvin plays. But this year, the family blind sided me. We're in Dick's Sporting Goods and I'm grabbing what Calvin needed for his season, when all of a sudden I'm told to get a cup for the Dave, get a mouth guard for the Dave, oh and get some cleats for the Dave.....WHOA, HOLD THE PHONE!!!! Yep, my Baby is playing football.

Look at him, one stiff breeze and the guy will tip over with that big helmet on. Ugh, I can't watch. This is why Dads need to take over, at some point, the upbringing of their boys. Us Moms are just too weak. We can't handle the pressure.

See my Calvi, he's big, he's allowed to play the football. He can handle the pressure, nobody's knocking him over.

But he's teaching his little brother how to look tough, Dave's got it down pretty good.

Here they are, they switched gear, Calvin nearly gave himself an aneurysm trying to put Dave's helmet on. It was funny.

But on a side note, I caught Sweetie smellin' his armpits. Classic. He's sooooo cute.