happily ever after: Thankful on a Thursday

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday

1. Air Conditioning. Seriously. In my house and in my car and in my grocery store. It's the only reason I'm still alive.

2. My boy Calvin posing as the water delivery man, he replaces the big giant water bottles on the cooler for me so our thirsts are quenched. He likes to flex his muscles when he does it.

3. Sweetie doesn't work from home anymore, but we've found a way to make it all better, we flirt-email all day long.

4. Fall, Autumn, October....it's coming, I can see it on the calendar, I wish it would come a little faster, but I know it's coming.

5. Ceiling fans. In every room. A very important part of staying cool.

6. School supplies. I got a little giddy in the isles at the Walmart tonight.

7. My minivan and the ability to hual the ya-hoo's around.

8. My squishy pillow with a pink pillow case on it. "It's SOOOooooo squishy!"

9. The biblestudy I'm doing right now, Breaking Free by Beth Moore, it's a goody.

10. Going on facebook and seeing a status update from my sister.

Hope you were THANKFUL today.