happily ever after: Thankful on a Saturday Morning

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thankful on a Saturday Morning

I didn't do my thankful post on Thursday this week. It's sad, but I just wasn't feeling very thankful, I'm not quite sure why, but I've been working on praying more and wouldn't you know it, God has overwhelmed me with a thankful spirit again. He's so good that way.

1. I just said it in my sidebar, but I am VERY thankful that summer is coming to a close. I love the schedule of the school year. And I LOVE the cooler temperatures. I cannot wait to be able to enjoy the outdoors a whole lot more. This heat and humidity tends to make me feel sick. So even though it's not officially here yet, I am thankful for cooler temperatures and the season of Autumn.

2. My boy Calvin. I tease and complain and whine, but he's such a joy. He's a typical teenage boy with his quirks and all, but overall, he's SUCH a great kid. His heart is seeking Christ, and even just typing that makes me want to cry. He's super sweet to me and others as well. We are constantly getting comments from others about how much they like him, and I say that only because to me, that is such a direct testimony to what God can do in our lives. Calvin is all God's. I have had to pray and pray over the years that God would make up for all my short comings as a Mom to him. I have and do fail constantly, but God is prevailing and I am SO thankful.

3. The Word of God. My Bible. Every morning I yearn for time in it. Sitting with the Book open on my lap. Praying and just soaking It in.

4. Mrs. Elisabeth Elliot. Her writings are just precious and I'm so thankful for them. I just started to read (for the second time) "Keep a Quiet Heart"....

"This was my heart's desire then. It is the same today. A willing acceptance of all that God assigns and a glad surrender of all that I am and have constitute the key to receiving the gift of a quiet heart. Whenever I have balked, the quietness goes. Iit is restored, and life immeasurably simplified, when Ii have trusted and obeyed.

God loves us with an everlasting love. He is unutterably merciful and kind, and sees to it that not a day passes without the opportunity for new applications of the old truth of becoming a child of God. This, to me, sums up the meaning of life."

5. Sweetie's unconditional love for me. No matter what. That's what he vowed. And that's what he shows me each and everyday. We've been together since I was 16, a lot changes in that amount of time, I mean, what am I now, 23? :o) No, really, I'm 38. That's a whole lotta time. Things change, people change, their looks...change, 'things' morph and move and well....aren't lookin' as good anymore. But the man is a saint and loves me. My sin has become harder and harder to hide, and yet, he still extends me that grace everyday. He shows me that forgiveness of God in everyway. And I am so very thankful.

6. My Baby Dave. He's got pimples. He likes a girl. He's learned how to talk back. He wants Justin Beiber hair (ugh). He runs circles (literally) around me everyday ALLDAY. He's a little clumsy and spills things easily. His room is most always a toxic area. And blah, blah, blah. But he's my baby. He will still curl up in my lap. Still wants lots of kisses and hugs from me. Still loves that bedtime ritual of 'just one more hug & kiss'. Is a whizz at memorizing scripture. Loves his Dad mostest and looks just like him, and I love that! He's a comedic genious with great timing. And he's got some sweet dance moves. And when we have to correct him, his heart is full of repentance and his prayers are precious.

7. Our Church. I LOVE going to church. I don't like being out of town and missing. I LOVE going to the Adult Bible Fellowship (Sunday School) with funny and precious Mr. Tim teachin' us; LOVE my time with our Small Group, all our peeps in there, precious friends; LOVE the worship we sing together with the great Mr. Josh leading us; and LOVE Pastor Dwayne and his preaching of the Word. Thank you Open Door, my Home, I just love you!

8. We interrupt this post to give you this video.... my Dave just called me away from my computer to share a sweet video he just found on the web....just for me, little 'ol me....love that boy. I dedicate this to all my friends, hard workin' Moms that you are!


9. The second cup of coffee that Sweetie just brought me. Still sitting here in the sunroom, nothing 'having' to be done this morning, reading, blogging, laughing with the family, Calvin getting to finally sleep in this morning. A perfect morning, and I'm very thankful.

10. My parents. They are coming to visit us in like a week and a half and staying for 12 days. And it's hilarious (and sad) to me that when people find out, they ask me, is that a 'good thing'? YES! It's a VERY good thing. I am very excited and can't wait and love them and miss them and have so much fun with them, we are counting the days till they get here. They are precious, and tomorrow marks them being married for 46 years! Congrats, Mama & Daddy, thanks for loving each other so much and for being such an awesome example to us, daily. We all love you so much! (Daddy, this is your yearly reminder to make sure you get her flowers or candy or a card or an apple fritter or somethin'...don't forget!)

Aren't they cute?? (this is them a few years ago, though they still look like this, all cute and stuff.)