happily ever after: School Pictures

Saturday, August 14, 2010

School Pictures

In my efforts to clean and organize the office better today, I found some little treasures. Well, don't you know there was no more cleaning and organizing for the rest of the day, as I was laying on the floor in the fetal position wondering what happened to these precious little faces...

They were both in Little Miracles Preschool, Dave in the little 2 1/2 year old class and Calvin in the 4 year old class. Dave was REALLY sick that year, I finally pulled him out. Like what did my baby need to be at preschool for anyhow??? I have always loved this picture. I have it in an 8x10 hanging on our walls.

Calvin @ Mountain Valley Academy (a homeschool charter school) and Dave @ Little Wonders Preschool

Okay, so not quite a 'school picture' but I also love this one, and have it hanging on our wall too. This would be Peter Pan & The Buzz.

I think this is after I started homeschooling on my own and had to do my own yearly school pictures. On this particular year, I timed it just right so I could have the toothless grin of my Calvi. I will always remember this day, they were total ya-hoo's and WOULD NOT settle down. We had been at the mall most of the day and who knows WHAT I fed them!

These are actual 'School Pictures' taken through a homeschool group we were involved in at the time. Look how scared my baby is. I don't like school pictures.

Ah, this is probably the picture I got taken of them to replace the one above. There is another on of these, where Calvin held the Dave upside down and little Dave's undies are showing. But I love how the Dave has his little thumb in his pocket in this one. Adorable.