happily ever after: WIWW (posted on a Thursday)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

WIWW (posted on a Thursday)

This was exhausting this week. Thinking WAY too much about what I wore. That can either be a good thing, cuz I normally walk around in sweats or jammies. But it just felt a little 'self-absorbed'. Plus taking pictures of myself, was not too good for my confidence level. Ugh, please tell me the camera adds like thirty pounds. But it was a little fun to try to look a little cuter, to pull different outfits together, and I know Sweetie appreciated seeing me in something OTHER than my jammies.

On a side note, I'm also waiting for Sara to comment her fashion do's & don'ts on my outfits. She's always been my fashion police, so please don't leave me hangin' girl.

Thursday, ran errands, did chores & office work.
HAT: petco park (padres)
CAMI: target
TOP: ann taylor loft (clearance)
BOTTOMS: ann taylor loft
FLIPS: my pink rainbows (my favs)

Friday, stayed home most of the day working in the office, as if you couldn't tell.
JAMMIES: target (from top to bottom)
SLIPPERS: my pink ugg slipper, the other favorite shoe

later on Friday, ran a couple of errands, meeting that night.
TOP: old navy
DRESS: old navy
HEADBAND: target

Saturday, watching friends' kids while they move.
TOP: eddie bauer (clearance)
BOTTOMS: kohl's (i think)
FLIPS: again with my pink rainbows

Sunday Morning, Church with the family
TANK TOP: target (jr. department) and yes, I'm aware that it needed to be ironed, please don't tell my Mama.
CARDIGAN: ann taylor loft (bought from local consignment shop downtown)
PANTS: ann taylor loft (so old)
SHOES: dsw shoes (so comfy)
HEADBAND: target

Monday Night, Date Night with the Sweetie
TOP: kohl's (have it in every color)
SKIRT: eddie bauer (because it was on clearance and because it's a size small and because I'm a sucker for a long skirt. My sister told me no, but I said yes.)
SHOES: kohl's clearance, and oh my so comfy.

Tuesday Night, Small Group Ladies Nite at Cheryl's house
TOP: j.jill (clearance)
BOTTOMS: ann taylor loft (clearance)

Whatcha think? Too many headbands?

If you've got some extra time, go check out what other's wore at The Pleated Poppy.