happily ever after: Look Out Here It Comes....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Look Out Here It Comes....

So when I'm at a loss as to what to blog about, I just go to my camera. I get all the weird pics, and believe me, there are plenty of them, and I use them as blog fodder....

Take this for instance. Whenever I download my pics I find ALL SORTS of odd pictures of my offspring. Makes for a good time and a loaded down computer.

On a different note, Dave has entered the lovely teenager-ness. He's still my shnoogy bear, but he's got this, 'I'm so bored, please entertain me', kind of attitude.

Take this day for instance, Dave found a turtle to torture. It kept him busy for a whole afternoon. This is Winston, trying to get the turtle to come out and play. I finally put a stop to it when I caught him playing shuffle board with the poor shy-guy.

Spring came and the neighborhood looked a lot different from the front porch. Very green here.

This rose bush is my favorite, except when it got over grown and tried to attack me while going in the back door. NOT a good day. Sweetie pruned it for me, no more thorns in my hair.

The back deck is such a good place for a good peaceful sit. One particular evening it was Ladies Nite here, we sat out on the deck, it was my night to give my testimony. Half way through we got cold and had to go get blankets, we sat like old grandma's under our blankets and laughed into the evening. Very precious night.

I had no idea these were here, but on this one day, I decided to walk ALL THE WAY around the house and found these. Beautiful!

This is my favorite room in the house, the sunroom. Ahhhhhhhhhh, the peace.

In May, Calvin and I got to go to Washington DC with our homeschool co-op. We had SUCH a great time.

Calvin and I in front of Mt. Vernon. So pretty. The house, not us.

Calvi and I in Union Station. So big.

Me and my friend Courtenay. On the top of the double decker bus. We almost lost our lives that day, by too many low laying branches. DC needed to work on their tree trimming.

Mr. James got us into the Capital building on our last day. A totally cool day.

Here we are, the whole co-op group. Precious people.

When Sweetie took Dave to California, I took Calvin out on a date. Outback Steakhouse, the boy got the biggest steak, and ate the whole thing. Very impressive.

I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the HUGE hydrangea bushes that we have in front of the house. They bloomed in late May/early June and were GORGEOUS!!! This is just ONE of the many bouquets that I made with them.

We went bowling one day, as a family. When it gets too hot, we go bowling. These are Sweetie's legs. I'm a total sucker for his legs. See those shoes, he used to wear bowling shoes for regular shoes. He can totally rock the bowling shoes.

My boy, Calvi, bowling.

My baby, Dave, bowling.

Me and my crazy boys. Why do they act like such goof balls.

And me and my Sweetie, oh my, how I love this guy.

Have I mentioned before that my Dave is just, 'so cool'.

One of my favorite friends adopted twins from Russia this past winter, here we are at the pool. My big toe was quite entertaining. And they are very much in my heart.

Just a couple weeks ago, Sweetie took me to California, just the two of us. Here we are at the Padre game. Good times.

Wow, quite a little scrap book this turned into!