happily ever after: Super Heroes

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Super Heroes

So I live with boys. God saw fit to bless us with sons 14 & 12 years ago. And I'm thankful. Everyday. I'm thankful when I vacuum up 300 airsoft b.b.'s from the corners of everyroom. I'm thankful when I step on legos in the middle of the night. I'm thankful when I find dirty socks under the seat in my car. I'm thankful when I find un-eaten sandwiches hidden under t-shirts on the floor. And thankful when i see stray toys blown to pieces in the driveway covered in black soot. Good times, all the time.

And the following is another reason/reasons I'm so thankful I have boys. A couple months ago Sweetie and I found some extra guests in our room when we went to bed.

This is Luke Skywalker & some Storm Trooper, I think. They keep their watch over us from the TV bracket.

And this is Chewy and some other Trooper guy thing. They keep watch from the bookshelf.

And this, this sweet handsome guy, he's the Buzz. And he was a special gift to me from the Dave. And he's very strong in his masculinity to stay perched here amongst the girlie perfume bottles.

Sweetie and I sleep better knowing we are being guarded and watched over.

Thanks Dave, you're such a little lover.