happily ever after: We're Still Here

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We're Still Here

This is what greets you at the back door. After what seems like a month of illness, it pretty much sums up our house. We are very thankful that so far it has not gotten to Jay or I.

So for the past two days this is what my guest room was used for...

The poor little thing. We thought he was getting better over the weekend, but then Monday night it hit him like a ton of bricks. Fever, cough and severe tiredness. We rushed him to the doctor Tuesday night where they did strep test, flu test, pee in a cup test. He has nothing serious. It's just a cold. But this is the worst-bad-@#$ cold of the century. O-my-goodness!

I made him stay in bed all day yesterday. I've been force feeding him fluids, soups, fruit, malt-o-meal. The DVD player doesn't work in this room so he's been watching TV all day long. I know that he's being corrupted by all the nonsense cartoons, game shows, Judge Judy and maybe a little soap opera...but, seriously, how much can affect a little eleven year old? Right?

We were suppose to have some friends come and stay with us for a couple of weeks before they go on their mission field. But what with the plague going on over here, they were a little scared. So they are coming tomorrow to just stay the weekend. Don't you know I've had to completely wash down and clean the guest room & bath.

Yes, I have WAY too much free time. This is what I do when we have guests.

Oh, but wait, check out the bathroom.

As you can see, not very exciting stuff going on around here. Me trying to keep busy and not go stir crazy and the boys doing hardly any school and lots of TV watching.

Spring is here and we wanna go out and play....soon, hopefully, real soon.