happily ever after: Friends

Friday, March 6, 2009


So for the past two weeks I've been feeling a little funky. I told Jay last week that I really miss my friends. It had been a long time since I'd just gotten together with someone for fun and relaxed and talked. So God answered my prayers and put it all in the 24 hours. God is so good like that.

Yesterday I got to visit with my friend Sue, even for just a little bit. But that's okay,it doesn't take us long to start sharin', talk a mile and minute and laugh a whole lot. Her husband had to get tough on her and make her go home! Too funny.

Then this morning, Lynne and I were finally able (yeah, right, we finally got our keesters out of bed) to go for our walk. Then hung out at her house decorating and re-arranging things.

Cathi called Dave and found out I was down there, so she came and crashed our little party. Too funny.

Cathi and I realized we hadn't really visited since before she went to CA, so Dave and I went over to their house and played and had lunch.

Next we had little Bryan over to play and I got to visit with Theresa for awhile. And then we got to embark on a little adventure that only we can ...

The neighborhood scary dog, Chester was seen walking down our street with a large 'who knows what' hanging from his mouth. When Theresa went to leave she found that he had left 'it' in the middle of the street not quite dead yet. It was a guinea (we have a flock of them that live on our street under some trees). Being the sweetie and sensitive being that she is, she couldn't just leave it there. So we embarked on 'taking care of things'. Since Jay has hidden all tools from me we had to use two pizza boxes to scoop said large bird and place him in the safe creek bed in my forest away from any dogs. We knew it was dying but neither one of us could do the deed of putting the poor thing out of it's misery. So we left it there, along with the pizza boxes (why? I don't even know.)

When Sweetie is out of town, Don (his best friend down the street) is in charge of taking care of all my problems...lucky guy! So I called him and left him a voice mail. He didn't call. So I nagged him. (I can do that to him, he's not my husband.) Since it had been a few hours, he told me to go check on the bird and he'd load up his gun. Lovely. Sadly the bird had already died. And no, we aren't having guinea stew for dinner tomorrow. But still, do I bury it? And how with no tools at my disposal, do I use a spoon to dig the hole. Do I just leave it there to stink? It's going to be 80 degrees tomorrow. Do I use the pizza boxes AGAIN and scoop it up into a trash bag and take it to the dump? Is that allowed? Is Stupid-Scary-Chester-Dog going to find it and finish it off? Why do these lovely things happen to me when Jay is out of town??????????? Ugh!

All this to say, it was a good day. The blessing of friendship is so huge, I am so thankful that God heard my minuscule cries and pleas last week. What timing He has.

Oh and because my parents like me to post pictures...here's what I got today.

While I was making Dave & me breakfast, Dave made me in a lego kitchen. That's me in pink. Aren't I cute? Check out how slim I am. I love legos. And for the record my hair was up in a pony tail today too. The boy is completely accurate in his lego building.

And these are all the people that have come to my diner to have breakfast, because my waffles are THAT GOOD!

I know, I know, it's not a picture of the Dave, but it's a picture of me (sort of) and isn't that even better????