happily ever after: Love Language

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Love Language

We've been together for almost 22 years. That's a whole lotta time. But he gets me. He totally gets me.

Not only did he surprise me by coming home early today. He then took me on a long drive around the area looking at the snow, or what was left of it. He knows I love going on a drive. He then took me to dinner at our favorite restaurant, so yummy.

That would have been enough, but then when we got home he was the ultimate husband. He completed all ALL of his chores on his 'Honey-Do-List' that has been on his bulletin board for like a month. He did them all!

I was sitting on the couch sewing buttons back on his suit coat (it's a long story and not at all interesting) when I see him walk in with the ladder. I'm like, 'it's 9pm what the heck are you doin?' He first replaced all the can light bulbs that had burnt out, there were like 6 of them.

He then was prepared to dust the VERY scary picture ledge in the stairwell, but I explained that between me, Dave & Calvin we got 'er done last week.

He then fixed the lamp that was broken by some precious little pumpkins during a party at our house awhile back. Fixed it, put a new light bulb back into it, put it perfectly on the table and plugged it back into the floor socket under the couch. Aw, the room looks all symetrical again, I can sleep.

Then he fixed the under cabinet light that has been danglin' ever so classy over my countertop. What a gem he is, I was starting to get all cozy with the lovely danglin' light, but he went and made it right again.

He replaced the lightbulbs in the front porch lights, so I can see the little cuties from down the street that come to see me and stare at the dogs when they are wanting inside.

Next, he went upstairs and fixed the towel bar in the boys bathroom. Who knows where they've been keeping their towels...I don't even want to think about it. But now, as long as Dave doesn't try doing pull-ups on it again, the bar should be good to go and let's hope the towels will be hanging there from now on.

So let's face it, Girls; flowers, candy, jewelry, it's all good...but it really doesn't come close to doing chores around the house without having to be nagged.

I love that guy and if you'll excuse me now, I've got to go figure out what his love language is. Hee-Hee....