happily ever after: House of Plagues (take two)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

House of Plagues (take two)

Meet Sickie Number One...

(oh, and can I just tell you, this is what the kitty does every night, he jumps up on Calvin's stomach and starts massaging it, till he gets it just right, then curls up and lays down. Calvin loves it, and we just laugh.)

He came down with it last Thursday and is still going strong. We thought it was Strep, but now the Doctor thinks it may be Mono (lovely).... we're still holding out hope that it's just a bad flu/cold thing.

Then yesterday, Sickie Number Two...

Doesn't have much energy, but at least he can still hold the wheel. That would have been tragic.

I've been keeping busy by doing lots of cleaning, laundry, reading, did all my ironing & mending; watching all the Andy Griffith, Gilligan's Island, I Love Lucy shows, some Indiana Jones movies, ALL the Rocky movies (Yo, Adrian!), it's been real fun.

I've also been dealing with lovely computer naughtiness. Like email just not wanting to download. Being kicked off the internet at the bestest of times. And right now, I keep getting some sound file that keeps playing weird commercials. There is no window, just some sound....what is up with that? Some bad woogies have gotten ahold of my computer. My Mr. Computer Chris got a frantic call this morning. He loves my frantic calls...."Chris, come quick I can't check my blogs, things are very dire, need your help, stat!"

We did order me a new computer, because this one is well, not doing well, computer guy said it was a good time to do it, and the deal was too good to pass up. But in the mean time, I still need to be able to do the important things like run payroll, pay bills, email my homies, blog for my parents, shop for shoes, check out the deals at Old Navy...you know the really crucial stuff.

wups, gotta go, someone just hacked up somethin' in the other room, gotta go check to see if it was the cat or the Dave. O, Happy Day!