happily ever after: Day 13 on the 'Dave is Still Sick' Watch

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 13 on the 'Dave is Still Sick' Watch

Yes, it's true. I'm completely beside myself. I thought I was bad when they got the stomach flu but try having them have a cold and fever for 13 days. Makes this Mama pretty much a mess. I know we should have more sympathy for the sick boy. But this is my blog, not his. :o)

But really, he woke me up again yesterday morning saying he didn't feel good at all and had another fever. After getting him all tucked in on the couch, meds in, water downed and he fell back asleep ,I just rubbed his back...and prayed, and prayed, and prayed. My poor baby, my heart just aches when my babies are sick. I don't care how old they are, it will still make me cry and worry.

Jay had to put the kibosh on me taking him to the doctor everyday, saying that a cold and low grade fever are no excuse to go to the doctor and what can they do that they didn't do last week????

Then, it happened, the sweetest voice on the phone...our pediatrician finally callin' me with the final lab results from the culture they took from him last week. He either has strep or maybe mono. See, he really was sick and needs those antibiotics. I'm normally one of those moms that tries all the 'natural cures' before I'll give them anything regular, but not this time. I was begging for drugs. The nurses and receptionists are completely tired of me calling everyday. But the sweet Doctor calling me tonight and wanting us to get the pills and then bring him in the morning to check again. I just love him. I could just kiss him right now.

I don't have any pictures for this post. One, because I couldn't figure out how to download them into my new laptop. Two, how many pictures of a sick little boy laying on the couch can one take? Third, he now snarls at me when I get my camera out. Except for the sweet picture I took of him snuggling his dog yesterday afternoon, that dog knows when his Dave is not feeling well, and it makes my heart smile.

Jay and I have been tag teaming it, Jay is in charge of doing the Neti-Pot (nasal passageway clean out) every morning and night. I'm in charge of administrating the medicines. Jay's in charge of making sure he eats the food I give him. I'm in charge of drowning him in fluids. Jay is in charge of giving him comedic relief. I'm in charge of snuggling him and watching movies with him. It's a tough job, but I'm happy to do it. Jay's not too thrilled about the Neti-Pot thing, especially when Calvin and I come running to see what creatures are comin' out of his nose. Lovely little science project.

His baseball draft was tonight, but he was too out of it to go, we're hoping that there will be a make up night. I can't imagine the spring without baseball. His last basketball game is this weekend, hopefully he'll be able to at least go and sit on the bench. I've missed church three weeks now, I'm hoping that no-one will be sick and I can go this Sunday, I'm thinking the pastor is going to make a house call pretty soon if he doesn't see me there soon. We've tried doing a little bit of school but when I look at the month of March in the attendance book, it's a very sad sight. Looks like we'll be schoolin' through the summer this year.

I'm off to stick a thermometer in my turkey, mash some taters, paint my toenails. Hears hopin' I'm able to blog about something other than sickness...soon.