happily ever after: Half Gone, Again

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Half Gone, Again

This is the Davester and me, today. We're missing half of our family, and we don't know what to do with ourselves.

I bribed him today with a hotdog from Sonic and his favorite slushie so he'd go run errands with me. He's a great co-pilot, taking nonsense pictures of sports cars on the road and crossin' stops off our list.

Then we finished the day off by stopping at the video store to get our stack of videos; this is what me and the boys always do when Sweetie is out of town, it keeps us busy and out of trouble. :o)

So we were all ready to come home, snuggle up on the couch with our popcorn and 'Beverly Hills Chee-wa-wa' (don't blame me, the kid wanted to rent it!), but Dave got a call to go be a buddy's friend at Awana tonight.

SO I was stuck at home by myself to watch my chick flick...'Nights in Rodanthe'....NOT A GOOD IDEA TO WATCH THIS MOVIE WHEN YOUR SWEETIE IS OUT OF TOWN! Poor Sweetie got a blubbering wife callin' him in the middle of dinner at his sister's house (sorry Vicki). I should have known, I sobbed like a baby during the book, what made me think that the movie wouldn't do the same thing.

(spoiler alert)

Dave came home right at the end when I was at my worst, and was instantly concerned. (the poor kid is known to burst into tears anytime he sees me cryin', but he held it together just fine...I explained the movie to him and he was all aghast...'so basically they fall in love and then the guy dies? what a lame movie, who would write such a lame movie?' Yeah, what a guy he's becoming, sounds like his father!