happily ever after: Projects Around the House

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Projects Around the House

If you're a blogger like I am, I'm wondering, do you go around your day and think in blog story mode? Where everything you do, goes through the 'would this be a good post' filter? That's what I do. I cannot help myself. But I need to start carrying a notebook with me or one of those handy dandy voice recorders....because I can never remember anything when I come to sit at my computer. So today I'll just give you an update of projects that we've done around the place lately. I know, quite exciting. :o)

First, this is what my sweetie's did for me for Mother's Day. We had to do something to keep the rain washing the rocks and debris into the lawn. Very professional looking, yes? They did this while I was out shopping with a friend one Saturday.

Also, this is what Sweetie hung for me this past weekend. After much frustration with my shortage of kitchen cabinets, we came up with this genius idea. And after getting 'go for it' advice from my bro-in-law and 'just wait' advice from my sister, I, of course, went with the former and bought the thing. We love it. I love it. I think it makes me look like a real chef and I've started talking and explaining while cooking. Next blog post just might be a video of me cooking meatloaf for dinner.

This is the other project. Yes, it's a magnifying mirror. I realize these are something that grandma's have in their bathrooms. I realize that it's suppose to be used for putting on your makeup. But I needed it because Sweetie was getting embarrassed of me in the car plucking my whiskers while waiting in traffic. I seriously think I'm part man with all the whiskers I've got going on. Taking up donations for my laser hair removal treatment, please send checks as the boys keep stealing my cash.


On a completely different note. Calvin made it through his Jr. High Camp. And so did I. I sent him a card everyday. Took him cookies mid-way through the week. Didn't cry, but maybe just a little bit. Had to keep the Dave completely entertained and distracted. At one point we called Dad at work and gave him an ultimatum....either build us a pool or get us a membership at the local YMCA so we can cool off! So after that.....we are thoroughly enjoying our $20 Slip-N-Slide. Dad said it was that or start digging a hole he'd fill it up later with the hose.

Dave and I started each morning with reading in bed. He's totally addicted to the Hardy Boys books and is on book 8. So I started to read again. Christian fiction. I love to read, it's completely relaxing but I'd gotten out of the habit. So we'd lay in bed after Sweetie left for work and read away. Ah, summer vacation. The kid is very competitive. Every 5 minutes he'd ask me what page I was on. He's a pain.

This is his 'faux-hawk', he's channeling David Cook from American Idol

Calvin enjoyed camp. Got a little homesick, but overall had a great time. He made friends, spent all his money at the snack shack, lost his voice, brushed his teeth once, wore the same outfit for most of the week, got 48 bug bites, was grossed out by the bathroom and even took pictures for me of the filth, was named camp photographer and annoyed everyone with taking too many pictures, missed his mama, was nice to the girls, caught a fish, won the rowing contest in his own canoe, said he didn't learn anything new, was peer pressured into jumping off the high dive, slept in the girls cabin (for the record, it became a boys cabin for this camp, but in the past it's been a girls cabin), and sent his family ONE postcard that said, 'thanks for dumping me at this place'. He'll be dumped there again next year.

A self-portrait in front of his cabin at camp.


We do year round school here, only because the teacher is a bit lazy, we take too many breaks and need to make it up at some point. So we're back into schooling this week. As you can imagine, with the rest of the world on summer vacation, and one of them just getting back from camp, it's going really well. Even giving them my berry cobbler for breakfast on Monday morning didn't change their sour faces. So I'm nazi mom this week, cracking the whip and trying to get the school back into shape. Please send money for private Christian school.


I'm off to wash the dog. There is a strange foul odor that seems to be seeping from his pores. I don't even want to think about what it's from. I was thinking about staking him in the yard and taking the power washer to him, but with him weighing so little, I'm thinking it would blow him to the neighbor's yard. My bathtub will have to do.

Hope y'all are having a good week.