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Friday, July 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged. I love being tagged. It makes me feel loved. :o)

So I'm suppose to update someone that I haven't seen in 15 years with what's been going on in my life. Is that right? And I only get a list of 10. But I say, since when do I follow the rules????

15 years ago it was 1993. I had just celebrated my 2 year wedding anniversary to Sweetie. And I think we had just started to try to get pregnant. We were living in an apartment. I was working??? I don't even remember what job I was working at that point. (that shows you all the different jobs I've had) Anyway, here goes...

1. Left my job as a preschool teacher and thought I'd go for the Pink Cadillac selling Mary Kay. That dream failed. Soon after I found myself working at the mall as a receptionist at a Hair Salon. Then worked at Nordstrom. Then worked at our local Trash Company, in the office, thank you very much. Was a nanny for my neice where I worked very hard at taking naps, laying out by the pool, watching movies and going on shopping trips. Soon after became a stay at home mom, because Sweetie realized I wasn't REALLY going to be one of those 'working' kind of wives where I actually HELP him bring in some money. He's so blessed to have me.

2. Moved out of our apartment and into a fifth-wheel trailer on Sweetie's sister's property. It was a VERY swanky trailer and we had lots of fun there. Saved up to buy our first house. Lived with my parents for the first three months of 1996, brought Calvin home from the hospital there and went through 3 months of escrow and some serious cleaning of our first home. Lived in that cute house for 10 years, until GOD moved us here to North Carolina.

3. After trying for a couple of years, had our first son in 1996 and our second in 1998. Thought I'd try doing daycare from our house, found out I no longer liked other peoples kids and especially if they were going to wipe any gross thing on my precious baby Calvin or worse teach him any bad manners, after all, he was the perfect child! When Calvin was 2 1/2 and Dave was like 6 months, I nearly lost my mind and made Sweetie go get 'fixed' so I wouldn't be caught having any more kids. I now regret that decision and wish we had a quiver full. Sweetie's not hearing of it as he's a little sensitive of the whole 'un-fixed' scenario.

4. Became a homeschooling mom when Calvin started Kindergarten. But only did it part-time as they went to a little school that would teach them in a classroom atmosphere for 2 days and then I had them 3 days. After a couple years of that, I gave up and decided to do it all on my own, have been doing it ever since. But every year, still try to figure a way to pay for Private Christian School.

5. Have had countless dogs and after a few days, weeks, months, gave them away again. Still have Winston after 4 years. Thank you very much.

6. Have been on countless weird or popular diets and have successfully gained 30 pounds since having my children. Whatever weight I gained having them, I lost right away. I can't blame my weight gain on them, only on my love of all things sugary.

7. My husband had worked for the same Electrical Contractor for 15 years and in 2000when his boss retired we bought the company. I went from being just a simple stay-at-home-homeschooling mom to 'oh-my-gosh-here's-some-stress-juggling-all-this-office-stuff'-stay-at-home-homeschooling mom. It's definately been challenging at times, but also a blessing too. God knew that I would need something else to do with my mind other than just stare at my little boy preciousness-es.

8. Was in an accident in 2000 (yes, it was my fault). Messed up my back and now am friends with my Chiropractor whom I visit once a week.

9. Have embraced the 21st century with all things electronic. I have an ipod that is full of praise music, 80's classics, focus on the family radio broadcasts (thanks Daddy), the soundtrack from High School Musical, the Rocky theme songs (because it ALWAYS gets me running on the treadmill), and some new stuff that I'll mention later. I know how to text from my cell phone and I'm learning all the cute lingo. Have a DVR on our TV so we can record cool shows like HGTV's House Hunters, America's Funniest Videos, House, Army Wives, any and all Hallmark Movies, Ed Young, and Dirty Jobs (for the boys). I learned how to email and send links and send pictures and to email to a group (this was a big job for me). Learned how to navigate the internet and found all my favorite stores, did you know that they send things right to your house??? And then learned how to blog, this is still a challenge.

10. I still love pizza (but it now can give me indigestion), ice cream (fav flavor will always be Rocky Road), now love coffee (with 1/2 & 1/2 and 2 tsp. sugar), have discovered some GENIUS over at Keebler invented Chocolate Teddy Grahams (did you know they're whole grain?), rice krispy treats make me feel like a kid again (the homemade kind), still embracing the Waffle Wednesday that my mom started (see #6 above), am branching out with mexican food and not just ordering a quesadilla anymore , have discovered I love greens, and bisquits (the yummy southern kind), still find myself getting addicted to Diet Coke (have to wean myself off once a year), still love Twinkies but I no longer buy them in secret and eat them really fast on the way home, AND a couple of years ago I dicovered that I love beer.

Check it out, I came up with 10 and can't come up with anymore.

Okay, now I tag.....whomever, I think everyone of my readers who has a blog already did it or got tagged. And the other people that read my blog are my family and they seem to be comment challenged at times. :o) (jk)