happily ever after: Itch

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So I'm sitting here FINALLY adding comments to my most favorite blogs when I feel an itch. I'm a random scratcher. Mostly of my arms and upper back. I'll catch myself in church getting all twisty just trying to scratch. Not very classy, but then I'm not a very classy girl. Anyway, this itch was real and it was on my upper arm, so I scratch and feel a bump, that I thought was one of those pimply things that us humans sometimes get on our arms, so I scratch it off, just before I flick it to the ground I look at it, because, let's face it that's what we do, isn't it??? Anyway, it was NOT a pimply thing......it was a TICK! So of course now I'm itchy all over. I realize it's tick season, just picked one off a friend the other day, but seriously people, haven't even been outside yet today....does that mean they are inside???? Anyone wanna come for a stay at the tick motel????