happily ever after: Pancakes at Night, Poptarts & My Sister (updated)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pancakes at Night, Poptarts & My Sister (updated)

So my sister and her fun family were just here. They stayed for 5 days. It was TOO MUCH FUN! But absolutely NONE of it is documented. I've said before that I'm horrible at taking pictures, I just don't remember to do it. Oh, yes, I'll take a picture of a bush in my front yard, but fun stuff like, my sister bowling with high white socks pulled up and long shorts....NOPE, you'll just have to use your imagination, but it still won't be good enough, because she embraced her geekiness and was quite proud of herself. To make matters worse, she won our little bowling game and said it was due to 'the socks'....what a goober. But I love her.

(updated) Yippee, Kiyiyay! I found a picture on Calvin's camera. Check her out, totally 'Rockin the Socks'! She's going to totally kill me for posting this picture of her backside, but, heh, what are little sisters good for, anyway?

We kept them busy. With drives around the whole county and neighboring counties. With visits to some old friends from WAY too many years ago. Dinner at our favorite little Italian restaurant, frozen custard at our favorite local joint. Movies on the couches at night.

A trip to the Farmer's Market, where we thought we might melt into the pavement. Drinks at Sonic. Chicken Bisquits at Bojangles. Church. Open Houses and Model Homes. Cooking together in the kitchen. Making homemade salsa, greens, steak, and blueberry dumplings for dinner.

Shopping at the mall, Jay was VERY thankful he had to work that day and miss the whole thing. Marcie, Lance & I were feeling a little old as we waited on a bench for the Mallory to get done in her stores.

Bowling, girls vs. the boys. The girls won and apparently it was due to 'the socks'. Then we started driving downtown to the Krispy Kreme and then passed the IHop and decided we all really just wanted pancakes, so we turned around and all enjoyed what we decided was 'The Best Late Night Snack'. Yummy!

On their last day here we dragged them down the river in kayaks. This was too fun as my sweet brother in law thought for sure that we were going to die, Mallary had to be saved by Jay several times and by the end got the 'most improved' award, Marcie looked like a pro, Calvin didn't fall out of his kayak this time, Dave was doing circles around the rest of us, and I was trying to ram everyone but can't steer worth a darn.

We had a great time. We miss them already. We love them. They can come back anytime. And like any great house guest they brought host gifts for us. My (er, I mean OUR) own box of See's candy and a box of poptarts for the boys. My sister thinks it's her responsibility to introduce my children to all foods 'not good for you'....like the time she gave them tater tots, and made them little smokies in crescents, and now....POPTARTS. Yes, I served them the next morning. Yes, I let them have two. Yes, I snuck a bite. Yes, Jay & I ate the rest of them.

And here's the latest 'bush in my front yard' picture. The Mrytle Trees (I have NO idea what these trees are really called or how they are spelled), but they're blooming this year, didn't get enough rain last year, so I hadn't seen these yet. I'm in love.