happily ever after: Fourth of July

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth of July

I can't believe I forgot to update you on our wonderful weekend of fun. How have you managed without knowing what we've been up to?? I'm so sorry.

First it was a birthday party for a sweet little girl, she chose bowling and we love her for it. It was three families and we divided up into mixed teams and had such a blast. My sweetie won for the night, though he was still down because his score wasn't what it used to be 20 years ago. Then he tweaked his back with one of his bowls. But dang, if he didn't look cute in his bowling shoes.

The next morning was the Fourth, we started the day with playing tennis as a family. This is something that we've started doing quite frequently. We're all pretty bad at it, but we have fun. But that morning, Sweetie tweaked his back trying to hit one of my serves. I'm that good!

After that we got dressed in our finest Red, White & Blue and joined some friends for our town's Fourth of July parade. Where the people (and sometimes pets) are the parade. It was very 'Mayberry' and cute. I gave my camera to a friend, and that's why we have photos. I'm very bad at remembering to take photos.

The start of the parade.

A couple girls we kidnapped on the way.

A cutie-patootie friend in her wagon.

The cutie-patootie's mom and me.

Calvin pulling the cutie-patootie.

Another cutie-patootie and his bud.
Dave LOVES it when I call him cutie-patootie.

But I think this was my favorite part of the parade.
Don't you know what Winston is going to be doing next year.

As you can imagine Sweetie was WAY hip on doing this, but by the end of the parade I looked up and he had found a flag and stuck it in his hat. He's so cool.

Dave doing his 'nice' face.

The boys got their fingerprints and pictures taken by the police. It's for safety reasons, but I told them it was their mug shots and they were being 'booked'.

After the parade we went to a family BBQ. The kids rode 'four-wheelers' and Dave hugged a tree. Literally, crashed his bike and became VERY familiar with a tree. He's okay, but he now has some scratches that match his black eye from when Dad threw a baseball at him. (just kidding, Dad, we know you weren't aiming for the eye) Anyway the BBQ was fun and the chicken was incredible (thanks Dan) and the Mountain of Desserts was.....oh my goodness.....yummy....all of them....several times......yummy......

On Saturday we tried to re-coop. We layed around, rubbed 'Ben-Gay' on Sweetie's back, put salve on Dave's body and I served them all waffles while they laid in my bed watching their 'manly' shows. Later that evening we went to some friends house for a big party with friends and set off all sorts of fireworks. They were a whole lot illegal but oh my goodness too cool!

Sunday, after church, we crashed.....and put more bengay on Sweetie's back and salve on Dave's wounds.

Monday morning, Sweetie was ready to play tennis again. The poor thing thinks he's still twenty. I'm making him hang up the rackets for this week. But dang, if he isn't cute in his tennis shorts.