happily ever after: House of Plagues

Sunday, July 27, 2008

House of Plagues

For the past three weeks we've been battling pink eye. I'm starting to think it might be something else. It hasn't hindered the boys from doing anything fun like chores or schoolwork, but it has hindered them from playing with their friends, especially since they gave it to the sweetie pie down the street. (Sorry Suzie)

So I'm up to my eyeballs (hee-hee) in hot compresses, eye drops and kleenexes.

Then Sweetie got his 4 month check up for skin cancer, came home with 4 scrapings, got called back in for surgery on 2 of them. 17 stitches later, I think they got it all. I was out of town when this happened and got a not too pleased phone call from a sweet friend complaining that I didn't tell them out it and now her and her husband are completely worried about Sweetie. I'm glad we have friends that care, especially since Sweetie's wife has become totally callused when it comes to his little surgeries, the poor guy.

This week he got his stitches out and has now developed some sort of oozing rash all around the incisions. Lovely! So for the past three weeks the guy has been dealing with this uncomfortable itchy soreness and a VERY sympathetic wife.

Between the oozing eyes and the oozing rash, I'm booking myself into a hotel.