happily ever after: Heading Home

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Heading Home

I'm leaving tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn to go home. I call it home because I have a home there. I call it home because it's where our families are. I call it home because it was for 33 years.

We are selling our house there and I'm going to go 'stage' it for the sale. It won't cost me a thing as I'm stealing furniture and items from my parents house. Aren't they great???

I'm going to sleep there, for several reasons: because I can, because I haven't since 2 years ago, because it will probably be my last chance, because I miss it, because it's our first home, because it's where I brought my babies home to, because it has my dream kitchen (I may just throw my sleeping bag down in front of the fridge), and because I can.

I'll only be there for three days. If anyone wants to come see me, please do, I would love to see you. I'll post before and after pictures next week. What fun!

I'm off to pack my tiny suitcase, water my drooping plants, throw some laundry in the washer and drag some very sleepy boys out of bed by their toes. It should be fun, wanna join me?