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Monday, September 29, 2008

This & That

First of all, I must thank all of you that sent me along such kind words and prayers. Especially from my Mama, what a sweetie she is. I so appreciate all of you readers out there. Though I'm feeling like I need to set the record straight.

I may have over dramatized the overall emotions going on in the house. We are not that destitute, the kids are not messed up over things. I come from a sheltered back ground, Jay comes from the complete opposite. So when it comes to parenting we find ourselves in a quandary at times. We tend to be more honest with the kids and give them doses of reality when we feel it is necessary. They are boys, meaning that some day in the very near future they will need to be strong, Godly men, able to work a good job and deal with all that this life throws at them. Also, being men, they will need to lead their wives and children and follow after what God has called for them to do. Being that they are home schooled, I believe, just puts them further into a bubble, without having to deal with a lot of the ugliness that is out there. So a little bit of realistic-ness in their lives, will maybe make them stronger. Plus the fact that they are in a strong and loving environment and both have the comfort and reassurance of their Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, helps all the more.

Oh, also, when the boys and I had our discussion last week one of the scriptures I went over with them was 'not storing up our treasures here on earth, instead, storing them in heaven'... Since Calvin's room is a sort of shrine to all things Indiana Jones, he took it upon himself to take things down, to get his focus back into gear.

I'm sorry that I painted quite a different picture. Sweetie says I need to be careful doing things like that. I stand corrected. But still thankful. :O)

Whew! That was a mouthful, now let me step off my soap box and get you updated on what's been happening in our lives thus far.....

L.T. turned 1 year old last week, the cake was yummy. :o)


Little Daisy got spayed last week, isn't she just precious? And she now has a middle name...Jay calls her, Daisy Mae....too cute. Puppy training is going so well, we are very thankful.


Sweetie, came home to this in his desk chair one day. He fixed it right away!
The note says..."Dear Dad, I'm broken. I feel chewed up and spitted out. Please save me. And please, don't let that mean, though very cute, little puppy be near me again. I seriously suck and would like to be back at what I do best. Have you met your boys? They make HUGE messes and I LOVE to eat them (the messes, not the boys). Sincerely, Mr. Oreck Vacuum"


Boys in Black

We woke up last Sunday morning, to realizin' the boys had no more pants, what with the chilly weather, we're thinking they might need some. So Tuesday turned into shopping day. They got the necessary jeans and church pants, new shoes and tried to tell me their NEED for black sport coats. Instead they got these....still, VERY handsome.

Aren't they great posers??......yeah right, first I got this picture.....

then I got this picture....be afraid, be very afraid.

then after bribing them with something yummy, they finally gave me 'Grandma worthy' pictures. Ah, boys, it's a great life!


Calvin finally got to go to his first game on Saturday. Too fun to watch. And WAY exhausting, is his conclusion! :o) See that big kid towering over all the others? Yep, that's my boy.

See his scary face? Yep, that's my boy.

Now see this little guy totally taking down another guy, nope that's not my boy, just thought it was funny.

Loved, that their way of tackling was to grab a hold of the guy by the legs and just hang on till the guy lost his balance. Never mind the damage of getting dragged down the field. Such a joyous day, we lost, but we had fun...and Dave and I were very happy there was a snack bar.


Our whirl wind week was made complete by a great date night and church activities on Sunday. What a blessing our new church family is for all of us. Jay was asked to teach our Sunday School class on Sunday, it was good to see him in that role again. The passages that we are going over in both Sunday School and in regular service are Exodus and Hebrews, they are speaking greatly to us right now.

Love you all and I hope you have a great week. I'm off to do some chores, my bathroom floor needs to be scrubbed, laundry is piled everywhere in the bedroom and my desk is a nightmare. I have NO idea what we're having for dinner and my legs are feeling itchy with all the stubble growing there. And don't even get me started on my hair, scary people, very scary. But the puppy is being trained and the boys are doing their schoolin', there's only so much a girl can do in the course of a day, especially when she spends an hour doing a blog post. Your welcome!