happily ever after: Half Gone

Monday, September 15, 2008

Half Gone

This is my family for a week. As you can see half of my family is missing. Sweetie took Dave to California with him this time. Mama's not happy. Okay, maybe the picture shows me with a happy face, but let me assure you, it's only temporary.

Even though Calvin and I are like minded in that we love to sleep, eat and watch movies. Life is not just an eating sleeping movie watching vacation here. We actually had five minutes of panic when we couldn't decide what movie to watch next last night. I know, we suffer.

Then this morning when we were actually doing chores, I know, the shock! I was folding laundry and along came some Dave sized clothes. OH the tears! I had to once again go upstairs and hug his pillow. Gone are the memories of his last day with me here and his nagging questions about his trip and the minute by minute count down to when they would leave. The boy couldn't focus on anything and literally hopping around the house. I couldn't wait for him to go, now I'm trying to talk Sweetie into coming home early. I don't think it's going to happen. I will have to embrace the pillow and pint sized undies for another few days.


ON a different note. Calvin went on a Youth Retreat Weekend Away this weekend, with the kids from church. He had a great time and once again amazed me at how strong he is and confident. Flash back about 24 years and I would have been slurking off to the church office crying and calling my Mama to PLEASE come get me.

We're still relatively new to the church and he doesn't really have a group of good buddies yet so he was one of those loaner kids, the rest of the group was pairing off and getting into their groups and even though everyone was nice and greeting him, no one was pulling him into one of their groups. (oh, the adolescent agony) But he didn't even notice, he was strong, walking around finding all the other loaner kids and forming a whole different group, finding his own seat in a car, making conversation with anyone. The kid is strong and I once again ask myself, where did he come from?????

It was the hardest thing to drive away and leave him to the Lord and not say anything like, "don't you just want to come home with me???". I called Jay on the way home and we both were in awe and taken back by how much we love that kid.

When I went to pick him up yesterday I was so nervous to find out how everything went. He was beaming. He had a great time. Learned lots. Came home with a great attitude towards me and everything else and was so blessed. Again, I was amazed. And so thankful for God making him into the young man he's becoming.

So after mowing the grass and watering the plants and cleaning his room today, I think I'll treat him to lunch and a movie. And for those of you on the West Coast that might see the other half of my family....please send them home, We miss them.