happily ever after: Lucy Lou

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lucy Lou

Here she is. I was trying to get her picture while I held her.

Mostly I got shots of my feet. Please excuse my obscene amount of toe cleavage, so inappropriate.

Then Sweetie took this one, she loves to just lay on you and put her head on your shoulder and snuggle.

Then I tried to get our picture together. Again, it just looks like I'm gagging her. Poor thing, so abused.

And for the record, because my Mom asked me last night, her feet DO smell like popcorn. Except for right after she comes in from outside, then they smell like grass. And right now, because she's been in my lap for 30 minutes, they smell like my perfume. Hmmmmm....Estee Lauder for Dogs.

And then we get to the reason for the title of this post. I named her Daisy, because it's my favorite flower. And because I secretly wish I was a hippie and had a daughter that I could name Daisy. And because the boys voted no on 'Gracie'. But now every time and I mean EVERY TIME I look at her, I see her as a 'Lucy'. What to do???????

Calvin is named after my Dad, his middle name. David is named after Jay's mom, his middle name. So I think it only fitting that this child is named after my mom, her middle name. Lucy-Lou. Any advice? Is it too late to re-name her? Am I totally losing it over this dog? I think so, but I don't even care.

Our bookkeeper dropped the weekly stuff off this afternoon and she just dropped it and went right to visit Daisy (Lucy), we didn't even talk about the books, we just baby talked for like 15 minutes to the dog.

Anyway, Lucy Lou, or Daisy Mae.......I need votes people. Thank you very much!

Updated: Jay thinks that I'm calling her Lucy Lou after the actress Lucy Liu. He's ruining it for me. Not that I have anything against Lucy Liu, but I was thinking more along the lines of Lucille Ball, my Mama Lou, and the sweet & cute little girl my sister's friend has. Lucy LOU, people. NOT, Lucy LIU. Thank you.