happily ever after: All Things Thankful

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All Things Thankful

1. Hanna came and went and left us all wet and just a little wind blown. Went right over the top of us in the middle of the night. I absolutely love the rain here, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

2. Dinner and card game with some special friends on Saturday night. The best fish tacos I've ever had and laughter that made my tummy hurt...or was that the cabbage from the tacos?

3. A Monday spent at my desk, getting all things on my list done and broadening (is that a word?) my backside, I'm sure. I got all happy with my crossed off 'to-do list' that I saved it and just keep looking at it. So proud I am of myself.

4. Phones. I'm not going to complain about the hours I've spent on hold trying to recitfy our phone issues. The fact that we get horrible cell phone reception here at our house, unless of course you run to the top of the driveway, hello? did you not read about my broadening (is that a word?) backside? And the second line that we had installed not working and no-one in phoneland being able to help us. Then the countless hours it took to get us switched to another phone company and two working phone lines, only to have a few friends not be able to call us and just hearing a message that states our line has been disconnected, not that it wouldn't be past us to not pay our phone bill right now, but NO, I pay my bills and I should have a working phone line. No I'm not going to complain. I'm going to be thankful for a phone line that sometimes works and keeps me from having to send smoke signals to Cathi telling her I need milk.

5. The lecture I gave my boys yesterday on how they'd better pay good attention to their schoolin' lest they grow up to work at a phone company customer service desk where, clearly, the stupid people work.

6. The sweet phone message I got from Sara, she got her present...she's a happy, happy girl. She had to go, she was off to go walking again. Her second walk of the day. It was probably going to be the six mile hike up the mountain. Whatever! Next time I need to send her some sweet tea and bisquits instead.

7. My free pizza coupon that came in the mail yesterday afternoon. If was for a free, large, one-topping pizza and 2-liter bottle of Coke from Dominos. It was a rebate offer from ....something we got....I don't remember. We were so excited, "sounds like dinner to me", remarked Jay. We ordered it online. All piled into the car with our paper plates and napkins. Headed to our Dominos Pizza place, all trotted in to gather our large cheezey pepperoni pizza for free. So happy we were.

This is a Thankful post, so I won't mention that the losers that work at the Dominos would not take our coupon because I had opened it. I won't mention that I had to pay the $11 for my stinkin' one-topping pizza. And "no, I don't want your bottle of coke, if I have to pay for it!" As we walked out of the store, feeling totally defeated, but, dang it, so hungry that we couldn't say no to the pizza....I wanted to ask them if they were friends with the phone company people. No I won't complain, I'll just be thankful that I got pizza for dinner and didn't have to make the fish I had defrosting.

8. The mini-golf game we played last night. Being the golfing family that we are. We enjoy a good game of mini-golf. Except that now Jay has us keep to the rules. We had mulligan's, tutoring in our lining up the ball with the hole, and he would NOT let me just throw my ball into the hole after 7 tries. We had fun though. The mosquitos munched on Jay. Calvin got some weird bad attitude about the whole thing. Dave was makin' it tough for me to beat him. And the music was all 80's, all the time, oh yeah, Mama was a dancin'. So I'm thankful for the mini-gGolf game that turned my Bad Phone & Pizza People Day into a dancin' good time.

9. I'm also thankful that It's 10am here now and I'm still in my P.J.'s. Yes, life is good. What is it about staying in your P.J.'s that makes you all peaceful inside. If anyone comes to the door, my story is that I'm having a sick day.

10. Number 10. Room freshener. SO thankful for room freshener. The chore for the day is to ONCE AGAIN do SOMETHING about the stench that is coming down the stairs from the boys rooms. What is it about boys? I need a Hasmat suit and Costco sized can of room freshener to go up there. But when that stink is starting to come down into the living room....it's not good and Mama ain't happy no more. So today, for number 10....I'm thankful for room freshener.

I'm off to find my can....what are you thankful for today?....check out more thankfulness at Crayola Lady.

Have a Great Day!