happily ever after: Musings of Yesterday & Today....Oh, and some Football

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Musings of Yesterday & Today....Oh, and some Football

So it's time to post again, I know. But my brain just won't cooperate. I feel completely uninspired. So I decided to start on my Thankful List....

1. I'm finally thankful for my new car. The opportunity to downsize on our car payment, that is a huge blessing. But I was feeling a little sad and mournful, missing the big dream minivan last week, being able to carry all the kids and all my stuff. People often remarked at how I could live out of my car with all the stuff I kept in there....I was a girl scout, always be prepared, right? But I'm all better this week. I had a good pep talk from my sister, thanks Marcie. And a few days of practice drives to get used to the gear shift again. Plus, Sweetie bought me one of those bluetooth things so now I can call my Mama and eat a burrito and change gears all at the same time. So thankful.

2. My walk this morning. Got my carcas out of the house and finally went on a walk. Ran into a neighbor whom the boys have met but I have not, her husband just had a mini stroke late last week, so it was good to be able to ask about him and introduce myself to her. She immediately got all happy and was saying how sweet my boys are to them. Makes a mama proud. Thanks Miss Alva for cheering up my morning. Plus I saw that our neighborhood is not innocent of having some graffiti........

what is this world coming to?

3. The boys spent yesterday afternoon, most of the night and this morning, cleaning their own rooms and rearranging all their furniture. So proud of them and now we can have some room up in the play room for Dad's weight bench and my treadmill. Basically it gets the exercise equipment out of our views, so we don't feel so guilty not using it.

4. The tacos I made tonight for dinner. Yummy!!! Didn't have anything prepared and thawed but started having a very serious taco craving. Then I realized I had no meat, so of course I had to go steal some from Cathi down the street, but she was very gracious about it, especially since she stole my dried sage last week. They were deee-licious!

5. Went to the dentist today. This isn't something I'm thankful for. Just thought if I'd put it down here it might improve my attitude about it. I really disslike the dentist. I mean, REALLY dislike the dentist. I actually cancelled my last appointment because I just didn't have the guts to go, but our dentist is VERY insistent, she calls every week until you finally get your butt in there. My kids LOVE the dentist....whatever! But I am thankful for my teeth, I wouldn't have been able to crunch on my tacos tonight without them. Even though my gums were a little sore, stinkin' little metal pokey thing.

6. Went shopping yesterday. A certain special friend has her birthday in a few days. I love shopping for her, too fun. Then I boxed it up and took it to the post office to ship. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside when I get to send a present to someone. Can't wait for her to get it. Happy Birthday, Sara, miss you!

7. I'm in the middle of a book series that I've had for a few years but just could never get into. Beverly Lewis, Abram's Daughter's series....I'm SO INTO it that I can't seem to put the dang thing down. I find myself going to the bathroom more frequently just to have a chance to read a page. And I'm totally neglecting my family. It's THAT sweet and good.

8. Our Family Pizza & Movie Night, on Friday nights. It's something that our friends down the way started with their own family, and since they won't invite us to their family nights, we started our own. I make pizza from scratch, right down to the dough and sauce, super yummy. Toppings galore. Soda. Family friendly movie. Snuggles on the couch. Happy family. Happy me.

the rest of this list was finished today, because Calvin wanted me to go to his football practice with him...he'll regret that....

9. Thankful for the friends that the boys have here. Too cute that Nick and Johnny are over today and the happy, happy boy noises that are running through my house right now.

10. Tonight is church, Family Worship Night, we forgot to sign up in time for the dinner, but we'll go for the meeting and worship time. I'm really looking forward to it. And once again, thankful for our new church family.

Hope you all are having a very blessed week.

a little bit of football....what a stance.

that's him taking out all the little kids, they go over like dominoes, too fun to watch...

after giving a beat down, the guy gets thirsty...

ah, this is right after I reached up and pinched it, no he's not picked on AT ALL!

I'm sorry, it's his own fault, he wanted me to come to his practice...they are very boring and a mother has to occupy herself somehow.

(next week, Dave at baseball, it's good to be me!)