happily ever after: Meet My New Baby

Friday, September 19, 2008

Meet My New Baby

You all were SO great in your responses. Thank you so much. After much thinking, it dawned on me that Jay and I had actually been discussing getting another Golden Retriever and were putting it off for Christmas to give it to Calvin. How can I get myself a dog when my son was wanting another Golden? And I KNEW we weren't a Three-Dog Family, no thank you!

We looked into Golden's about 6 months ago and saw that they were REALLY expensive so it got put on hold, of course. So just to amuse myself I researched Golden's in the rescue arena. That's how I found her........

I know, how do you ever get a Doughnut after seeing this cute face????

I surprised Calvin with going right over to the Animal Hospital that was holding her. He had no idea. I went up to the front desk and asked if we could visit 'Dog #42' and they brought her right to us. Calvin was just beside himself.

After an hour of us just cuddling and cooing over her, they asked if we wanted to try taking her home for the weekend for a trial run. YEAH!!!!! I love these rescue people, this one especially. I didn't have to sign my name in blood, I didn't have to use my first born as collateral, I just had to fill out a short application and away we went.

Here are some pictures we took right after we got home, she's a lover, definitely not a fighter. Winston took to her just fine, which was ALWAYS our biggest concern as he can be a bit of a bugger at times.

She's about 4 months old. Not crate trained or house broken yet, so that'll be our job, oh joy!

But she's really not as bad with all that as I had prepared myself for. And what a sweetie she is.

She's great for a bath (did I mention that she isn't crate trained yet). She loves her food. She gives great hugs and kisses and is the softest thing we've ever encountered.

The only draw back was of course, getting her past Sweetie and Dave when they got home. One hug and Jay was a goner. And (drum roll please.....) we're keeping her.

May we introduce the newest member of our little family........Daisy. Yep, that's right, I named her Daisy. And she's mine. And I love her.