happily ever after: Monday's Musings

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday's Musings

I'm at a complete loss.

The well of funny stories has run dry.

Sweetie thinks I need to take up some sort of hobby and blog about it.

It's something that we've been playin' around with for weeks now. And this weekend, I finally decided yes, I would.

I was even going to let y'all come up with good ideas for me and comment about them and then I'd choose one. Or maybe not.

But then this morning happened. The first day of school. Half of my day was spent getting their lessons ready for the day and getting them going on them.

The second half of the day was spent doing my weekly errands.

Tomorrow I will spend a good chunk of the day again, grading today's work and getting that day's lessons ready for the boys. I will drive my Chocolate Teddy Graham butt to the gym to work out. Then I will need to work in the office.

Yep, those are my hobbies; homeschoolin' and office work. Oh the fun.

A friend just asked me the other day what my hobby was and I replied, 'Jay & the boys'. Yeah, they're my hobby. Kinda sad isn't it?? I realize that it is a privilege to get to do what I do, and I do love it and am very thankful for the opportunity. But I find I do have some free time and would like to be productive.

A couple of months ago, my Dad was telling me that I probably needed to come up with a hobby or job, something that will take up some of my heart space, so that as the boys get older and more independent I don't get lonely and sad. Sweetie totally agreed with him. Whatever!

I was thinking that Sweetie wanted me to get a job to try to help with finances, but really he just wants me to have something that is mine that really brings me joy and a purpose.

Well enter in recently taking over the bookkeeping for our business again and school starting up today. Yippee, I have purpose again.

One of the ideas Sweetie had for me was to start an organizing business. Since I absolutely love doing it and have pretty much run out of chances to do it in our own home, I should go forth and help others. I love the idea, I just don't see myself as 'qualified'. Shouldn't I have some sort of certificate that says I'm a 'Real Life Organizer'? (Thought: I could probably print one up off the internet, yes?)

Anyhoo, that's what has been in my brain lately. To hobby or not to hobby. Let me know your thoughts.