happily ever after: My Son, the Techno Geek

Monday, August 31, 2009

My Son, the Techno Geek

First it was Superman, then it was Indiana Jones, now it's Popular Science. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying.

This is the boys finding all the loot that I throw into the office closet, anything that has a cord and doesn't have a home or isn't plugged into something, goes into this abyss. Jay would have a zillion cords all over his desk or the floor if I let him. So I put them here, until he needs them. Which he never does. Go figure.

But this is my teenager's Nirvana. You'd think that I'd just given him a hundred bucks to blow at Radio Shack or something. He had his little brother pulling things out and then he'd say what it was and plug it in. I was just sitting there dumbfounded. I mean, how did he learn all this? I was getting ready to place it on ebay for free, how was I suppose to know it was a jackpot for geeky boys?

Then today, we sold the futon, we don't really need it and it takes up space and we don't wanna move it. So the dunderheads (don't get me started on them) that bought it, came and just looked at it and wondered if it would fit into their 4runner. By now, I really don't care and I'm standing there in a cold infested fog. Calvin, being the stud that he is, explains that they could take it apart and fit it that way. Then he goes to the tool chest, gets the tools and proceeds to take the thing apart for them. While the guy is slowing trying to help, Calvin then hoists the mattress over his shoulder and carries the thing and puts it in the back of the truck. After they got all the pieces into the truck, they then realize that the back door won't close and that they really shouldn't drive down the highway with the back open, the thing might slide out. Yep, pretty much. Calvin finds them the bungee cords and shows them how to tie the thing down.

I'm still standing there in a daze. Now because I realize that my boy is growing up. He's only 13, but I realize that these people don't know that, they probably think he's more like 16. I won't tell him that, it would just be wrong for him to be thinkin' of himself as older than he is. But I'm pretty proud of him and pretty proud of his Dad for teaching him such things. All this time, we thought he wasn't paying attention, we were wrong, sort of, he pays attention, but only to the good stuff...like how to use a USB cord, allen wrench and bungee cords. I'm thinking he's pretty much ready for engineering school. Only if he can get his teacher to pass him in Math.