happily ever after: Thankfulness Thursday

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankfulness Thursday

1. It's cozy inside the house today. Looks like rain is comin'. We don't have to go anywhere today and that makes me happy.

2. Sent the boys out to rake and blow leaves. They came in 12 times to complain that they rake and then the wind just blows more leaves down. I kept sending them back out and telling them to get every last one of them. They love me.

3. Two hours later, they are done (only because I took pity on them and they need to do SOME schoolwork today). I look out at the yard and it doesn't look like they raked at all. But there is a WALL of leaves leading out to the forest. Too funny!

4. Went to Sam's Club yesterday and got lots of BIG food. I love Sam's Club. I also found these little treasures. So yummy and fun.

5. Got to have a sweet date with my Sweetie last night. Walkin' the mall sippin' on my coffee. I love it when the coffee shops come out with their Christmas cups and Reindeer blend coffee. Too yummy.

6. It's my birthday in two days. I love my birthday. I pretty much want to wear a tiara on my head all day long and announce to everyone that it is MY day.

my sister and I wearing our matching tiaras at Disneyland a few years ago, I think she still wears hers.

7. I dropped out of choir last night. Yep. I love our music at our church, the worship is always stellar and so worshipful. I love to sing, seriously, LOVE to sing. But me singing in a mediocre crowd is fine and dandy. But me singing with a group of people that took music in college, can sight read the music, have a range bigger than one note, could totally sing a solo if they needed too....well, I'm just not up to par. Many assured me that it was all fine, but I was done being humiliated and trying to screech out those songs. I kept flitting from soprano to alto, not really knowing what I sing. Finally realizing that I really sounded better with the Tenor's in the back row. I WAS NOT GOING TO STAND IN THE BACK ROW WITH THE GUYS!!!! So I quit. :o)

I'm having flash backs to ballet lessons and either being thrown out of the class (I was 8) or my parents gently suggesting I should give it up. Whatever! The same with dance class in High School. The teacher was so excited about getting me, because she'd had my sister for the 2 years before. After a few months in class she asked my sister, "What's up with Dena?" As if I was adopted and of NO blood relation to her. Whatever!

But looking forward to this season of no singing stress. So I don't care, and now Sweetie and I can have a little date night on Wednesday's when the boys are at their youth activities.

this little cedar tree in our forest, I just love it, look at it's skinny little trunk and big chubby body, too cute

8. I have a renewed sense to loose weight. Really, this time for real. I'm serious, I'm gonna do it. Don't try to stop me. And seriously, don't try to tempt me. Don't be sending me any box of See's Candy, SARA!!!! I'd say I'd post a before photo, but who are we kidding. Don't you know I go through all our photos and DELETE most of the ones of me, unless, of course, I'm standing behind someone. :o)

9. My Daisy Maiser snuggled and napped with me on the couch the other night. She loves me most out of everyone in the house. She's learning to walk on the leash EVEN better. Thanks to Miss Lynne training her this morning on our walk, thanks Miss Lynne, you're the best! She's such a sweetie puppy, even if she did pee on Calvin yesterday in the car AND peed under the dining room table this morning. I still love her, and I'm thankful for the no carpets.

10. The guys are going hunting today. First time this season for the two of them. That would be Calvin and Sweetie. It was Calvin's Christmas present last year to get his gear, safety classes, license & gun. Of course, Sweetie swiftly figured out that that would mean he'd have to go as well. :o) He's a happy-happy man. I'll post pictures tomorrow of them all suited up and please join me in prayer today that they won't actually kill anything, because I like getting my meat from the grocery store, where God intended us to get it. Thank you very much.

Have a Thankful Day.