happily ever after: Feeling Thankful on a Friday

Friday, November 21, 2008

Feeling Thankful on a Friday

1. For my Sweetie's voice on the phone this morning, he was at my Mama & Daddy's house havin' pancakes. He comes home tomorrow and I'm excited.

Wakin' up to snow this morning, there wasn't much. When I was running around the yard taking pictures(in my big fluffy pink robe and slippers, my neighbors love me!) it was sleeting and melting.

3. It was 40 all day with a wind chill factor of at least 10 below (just kidding). This Southern California girl chills easily. So I'm thankful for my heater.

4. Big socks and Long coats. Now I know why they were invented. Our first winter here my ankles and butt were cold. Not no more.

5. Cinnamon pinecones. I just love them. I have baskets of them all over the house.

6. Thanksgiving is finally organized. Everyone knows what to bring and to come in time for the game. I just need to remember to buy the turkey. QUESTION: When do you start defrosting the turkey? (And Mama, I know I call you every year on this, you'd think I'd write it down somewhere, but then you wouldn't feel all needed and stuff.)

7. My Christmas shopping is almost done. Oh except for the boys. Nevermind.

8. I got to organize a closet today. Something that brings me great joy. It totally needed it. I forgot to take before pictures for you. I need the evidence so my friends realize that my house is not perfect, that all the mess is just crammed into drawers and hidden behind doors. Did you read that, Theresa?

9. I finally found the cure for our stinkin' well water makin' our towels smell all mildewey. A capful of Original Concentrated Pine Sol in with the wash. I know, I know, perhaps we should get one of those lovely whole house water filtration systems....but hello??? does the word recession mean anything to you????

10. I've been hearing a lot about missions trips and adoptions lately and as I sit here in my warm house, in my comfy chair and see the wind blowing and realize it's freezing outside...I want to be thankful for what I have, but more than that I want to do something for those that don't. I'm thankful for the burden that weighs on my heart and praying for what will come of it.

Hope y'all have a Thankful day and weekend.