happily ever after: Makin' Me Laugh

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Makin' Me Laugh

So for Sweetie's birthday last weekend, he got several cards. Some he had on his desk in the office, and these two ended up on the mantle. EVERY TIME I walk by I just laugh. We have some very sweet friends that got him a nice Christian card that said such sweet things and was a real blessing. Then there's the card my sister and her family sent him....Yep, you guessed it, the butt one. Isn't that just so nice??? It's just hilarious and the contrast of the two makes me giggle everytime I walk through the living room.


On a different note, it's been a couple of days since I've posted a picture of The Daisy Maiser (that's her new name). She's been learning to walk with me on her leash and she's doing SO good. She went on the WHOLE walk yesterday and pretty much took up residence on the couch the rest of the day. A little tuckered out I think. Isn't she just precious???


This little birdie has moved to my house. He came on a long journey from the kitchen counter in my Mama's house on the West Coast all the way to my kitchen counter. I've always loved this little bird in my Mama's house, and told her that I really should have it since the red Cardinal is our state bird and because I like it so much. Well, on Sweetie's last trip to CA, she slipped it into his suitcase. Thanks Mama. The Little Birdie is very happy. I think he misses your better cookin' but he does like teasing the cat. Question though: What should I put in his back side? (And by backside I mean 'back' not '...' well, you know.) There is a little cut-out for a tea-light, but since I'm all anti-candles, what should I put in it??? Any ideas?

I'm off to brave the Grocery Stores on a Saturday, Sweetie is swamped at his desk with work, the boys are workin' on their schoolwork. It's a little chilly outside, the leaves are fallin', and the rain seems to be clearing a little. Hope y'all are having a good Saturday whatever you might be doing.